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Pride and the Fall

Some projects let me see just how far I've come with this whole quilting thing.

Sure, it's a simple pattern but I am very proud of it. My pieces were accurately cut. My corners line up. There's no funky bends or puckers or gaps. The simpleness let me see just how much my skills have improved since my first very funky quilts.

And, in this predominately female house, you've got to love a red, white and pink quilt. The girls are already fighting over who gets to sleep with it.

I'm torn on how to finish this. I'm debating buying a high loft batting and tying it so it would be all soft and fluffy like a comforter. Or, going with my standard cotton batting and machine quilting for a denser, crinkly finished quilt. What's your vote? Either way, I'm going with a bright green binding!

And then other projects let me see just how far I still have to go. I started a block exchange within my quilting group. Nikke asked us if we were up to making some Farmer's Wi…

Scenes from Valentine's Day

What happens when Daddy's in charge

So, yesterday I was back in the bedroom folding laundry while Brendan and kids were in the living room. Ten minutes later, Sam came wandering back to the bedroom like this.

That is stickers. Tons of stickers stuck firmly in his curls. And all over the kitchen floor.

To be fair, I was watching a couple of extra kids last week. They were playing happily in the backyard. I checked on them ten minutes later and found three of them playing "Muddy Monsters". Yeah, I don't photograph it and blog it when it happens on my watch.

Why I Will Never Be Famous

There's a reason why I will never write a crafty book, have a wildly popular blog or have a burgeoning Etsy shop. I am a craft floozy.  I quilt, sew, knit, crochet, and make jewelry. I've tried calligraphy, book binding, tatting, weaving, spinning and just about anything else you can think of. I used to spend a lot of time crocheting. Just when I got the skills and started thinking about writing some patterns, I found myself spending less time crocheting and more time knitting. When I started getting really good at knitting, I started quilting. I am easily distracted. It makes it hard to really master something. Just last week, all I had left to do was bind the Christmas quilt when I got the undeniable compulsion to knit. So I pulled some yarn out of my stash and found a pattern I liked. I should have been working on the Christmas quilt or my paper-pieced stars quilt or any other of my many planned projects. But, I just had to knit and knit a lot. I've got about 18 inches …

10 Months Early

Sounds so much better than 2 months late, doesn't it? Either way, I finished my Christmas Quilt!

I started planning this one during Christmas 2010. Started collecting fabrics January 2011. Started cutting and sewing Spring 2011. Set it aside. Found it again in November 2011. Madly rushed and tried to finish it by Christmas 2011. Failed. Finished in February 2012.  Now it will have a triumphant premier during the show and tell portion of my next Quilt Guild meeting before heading into the linen closet for the next ten months. But, come December it is going to look fantastic draped over my couch next to the Christmas tree.

My regular quilt holders weren't quite up to the task with this twin size quilt. We had to call in reinforcements.

This is their favorite block. Santa with a little blond girl, a little brunette girl and their brown-haired bearded father. Yep. pretty perfect. That's why I made sure to include it.

The fabric I found for the back makes me happy.

It's har…