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Is My Crazy Showing?

So, on Saturday morning I started thinking maybe I'd like to make Samuel a quilt for his birthday. But, not a toddler bed sized quilt even though that is what he is currently sleeping in. A twin size quilt would be usable so much longer. Mind you, his birthday was about 19 days away at this point. I thought about it off and on all day. That night, I went to my quilt guild's sewing night which just happens to be held at my favorite fabric store. I decided to browse around a bit. Next thing I know, I'm getting 1/4 yard cuts from seven different bolts of fabric. Lucky me, they were pretty much free thanks to their customer rewards program. Sunday, I went to church. And thought about quilt patterns. Monday, I decided on a pattern and dug through my stash for fabrics to coordinate with the ones I had purchased. Tuesday morning I went to three different fabric stores in search of the perfect fabric or two to finish my growing stack of fabric. Tuesday night I cut and arranged eve…

Not Shopping For Pajamas Anytime Soon

In fact, it may be a long, long time before the kids let me even consider store-bought pajamas. I've made two sets of pajama bottoms within the past week and they adore them. I'll have to dig the first set out of the dirty clothes before I can take pictures of them. Today, I not only finished up the second set, but I remembered to take pictures. Keep in mind, the color is a little off on all of these. That's what happens when you try and rush to take pictures before bedtime.

These are lightweight cotton, so they should be comfortable all summer. Plus, I added a cuff. I'm pretty proud of myself. Folded up they are just the right length right now. But, after the next growth spurt, they can be unfolded. I'm hoping that means they will last a lot longer. I've got to figure out how to do the cuff without such a visible seam. But, still simple. Something to ponder before I make anymore (not that that's planned for anytime soon).

I think I picked great fabric for …

Saint George and back in two days

Ten things about our trip this weekend.

1. No one had to pee on the side of the road. Hooray.

2. There was a minimum of whining, screaming, crying, tantrums and other bad behavior. From me and the kids.

3. My kids would rather live in a hotel. Especially if that hotel has a pool.

4. A sixteen hour round trip car trip to spend one afternoon, evening and morning with my dad and brothers is totally worth it.

5. Sam has the worst table manners on earth. Seriously, he's a little caveman. He stole food from the plates of everyone at our table. But, he was dang cute doing it.

6. I only managed to get my camera out twice during the whole trip.

7. My kids leave no doubt as to who their favorites are-

Ellery loved Uncle Alex (maybe it is their shared love of blankies).

Anna adored Uncle Erik. She said it was because he was so silly.

Both loved their Papa Dave. (By the way, they also loved having hot chocolate in little travel cups.)

8. We finally found a kitchen table and chairs we both lov…

What Happens When I'm Sick

Here's the thing- I stink at doing nothing. I'm horrible at it. Now, I'm great at avoiding what I need to do by doing something else. But, I cannot just sit around doing nothing. I start getting all twitchy and jumpy. Even sick with Bronchitis (for the second time in a month), wheezing and coughing and generally feeling miserable, I cannot just do nothing. So, I sat on the couch, watched a lot of TV and made stuff with yarn. It's the only way I was going to get any rest.

First up, a great big granny square.

I'm actually teaching a beginning crochet class next month at a local crafty store. Hopefully, by the end of two hours, I will have taught ten people everything they need to know to make one of these themselves. I made this (in a little over a week) to hang in the store and lure people to sign up for the class.Think it will work?

I'm calling it the Apple Blossom Baby Blanket because that's what I had in mind when putting together the colors. Dark pink, l…

It's Enough To Make A Mama Cry

Keeping the Tooth Fairy Busy

The Joy of Ring Pops


It still amazes me how this-

becomes this-

And then, with a little help from water and pins, becomes this-

Is it possible to be in love with a scarf? Because, I am pretty much in love with my new scarf. It's soft and floaty and beautiful.

I definitely did not expect to be finished with this so quickly- 26 days from start to finish. I got a little help from a week spent coughing, wheezing, watching TV and knitting. That and a severe case of knitting lust. I really, really want to start this but I showed restraint and made myself finish this first.

Isn't it crazy how different the color looks in each picture? It ranges from green to grey even to blue. Really, it's a deep forest green. The picture of me wearing it in the bathroom mirror is probably the closest.

The pattern is available here for free.