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Sometimes Having a Crafty Wife is a Good Thing

Ellery:  Mommy, why are you sewing that thing on Daddy's karate shirt?

Me: It's called a patch. It says what kind of karate Daddy does.

Ellery: Why are you sewing it?

Me: Because Daddy asked me to.

Ellery: Why?

Me: Because he didn't want to sew it himself.

Ellery: But why him need a patch?

Me: (Exasperated) I don't know, Ellery.

Ellery: I know.

Me: Oh really, why?

Ellery: So him can be AWESOME.

Me: Yes, yes indeed.

Hello Again Gorgeous

I'm a seasonal crafter, at least when it comes to handwork. When it's cold outside, all I want to do is curl up on the couch with a wooly yarn and knit something. When it's beautiful and warm outside, like it is currently- I can't stand the thought of a big pile of yarn in my lap. I want something small, light and good for carrying around to the park, road trips, waiting outside Anna's school and just sitting in the back yard playing. Last spring, I decided on this as a good warm weather project. And it was the perfect project. I carried it everywhere last summer. It looked like this at 27 blocks. I got 39 blocks all done and joined together before it started getting cold. And the project stalled. I started dreaming of cowls and cabled hats and lacy scarves. The entire winter I got 7 blocks done.

7, that's it and they are not even sewn together. 7 little lonely blocks just floating around the craft room.  But, baby, I am back in business. Sunday, I pulled out …

Weekend o' Fun

We were lucky enough to get a long weekend visit from one of my very best friends, Jenny and her adorable daughter, Cambria. Give Jenny and I another couple of years and we will have been friends for half our lives. Somehow in all the fun we missed getting a picture together! Mostly, it's just our cutie-patootie kids.

So, the last two pictures are a game of Ring-Around-the-Rosie, not an old-fashioned street brawl. But, I really like how the last one looks like it is and Cambria is definitely winning.

SuperCraftyWoman Strikes Again

I know, I know another finished object. Crazy. But, that's just how it works sometimes. It seems like forever without completely finishing anything. I get this big old stack of almost finished projects. I get motivated. I write a To-Do list and suddenly they all become finished projects. Then I start new projects and the cycle starts all over again.

Today's finished project is mine, all mine. First, the horrible, poorly-lit, blobby bathroom mirror shots.

I know, I know.  "What is that thing? What color is it even? That picture sucks." Let me see if I can clear things up a bit with some natural light pictures and a much cuter model.

The pattern is Henslowe. I adore it. Except one thing- it lies about the amount of yarn needed. I had like 25 extra yards in my skein. I left out two rows. And I still ran out of yarn about a third of the way through the edging. It hurt to have to go buy a whole other skein just for that last little bit but, luckily the store still had th…

Girliness Ensues

So, these are the kind of pictures you get when you ask two very girly girls to help you photograph one very girly quilt.

I know what you're thinking- "What, another finished quilt? It's been like two days. Is she Supercraftywoman?" Truth is, this quilt has been a long time in the making. Last spring, it seemed like everyone I knew announced they were pregnant. I figured I better get an early start so I cut out two baby girl quilts at the same time. Made one. Then, the ultrasound results started coming in. One girl. Three boys. So, the second girl quilt got set aside. After I finished three baby boy quilts, I pulled it back out and added  more squares. In between other projects, I've been piecing them together. I finally got it quilted in early March. I got the binding halfway done. Then Easter preparations and insane birthday quilt plans got in the way. It's been sitting around just barely not done for weeks. All it took was sitting down with the final Harry…

The Quilt

I used this tutorial's measurements and basic design and this tutorial's method of using squares and rectangles rather than just squares. Less seams to sew equals a very good thing.

I even had it ready two days early. Which was good, because then I had time to help Anna and Ellery with their presents- a matching pillow and blanket for Sam's stuffed monkey. They designed and stuffed. I sewed.

I think we're starting a good tradition of handmade gifts. They were so proud of these. Much prouder than they would have been of just going to the store and picking out a toy.

A Very Happy Birthday

(Ellery's card has a sunshine. Anna's has our family floating away on balloons.)

Even with a fever he had a great birthday. French fries for dinner. Cars toys, new clothes, a basketball hoop, a wagon full of sand toys, a quilt and matching mini quilt and pillow for his favorite monkey. Chocolate cake- which he was too busy playing with toys to actually eat. He's a happy little two year old.

An obscene amount of Easter pictures

Items of Interest-

1. My kids are freaking adorable.

2. Most people voted for "The Professor". Ummm.... cutest toddler ever. Good choice.

3.. Sam's curls are growing back.

4. Anna is very proud of her lack of teeth.

5. Taking pictures of an almost 2 year old is very hard.

6. Taking pictures of an almost 2 year old, a 3 1/2 year old and a 6 year old together is almost impossible.

7. I forgot to get any pictures of the kids with their loot. Trust me, they made out like bandits.

8. The new Muppet movie in Ellery's basket was really for me.

9. I did not make Easter dresses this year. I feel no guilt over this. There was no way I could have made Easter dresses and the quilt for Sam's birthday. The ones we bought were super cute and less expensive than fabric would have been.