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Simple Summer Skirt Tutorial

I've made yet another skirt. And this time I took pictures in case there are any other little girls out there who would like to feel the warm summer breezes around their ankles.

To begin, you need:
Approximately 1/2 yard main fabric (amount will depend on how long you want the skirt and the height of the girl)
1/4 yard contrasting fabric
Coordinating thread
Elastic (I used 3/4 inch)
Measuring Tape
A couple of safety pins
Cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler
Sewing Machine

Begin by coercing your little girl to hold still for a few minutes. This may involve bribery. Measure from her waist to where you like the skirt to fall.

Write the measurement down. Or like me, swear you'll remember it. Forget it five minutes later and begin the whole process again.

While you've got her there, go ahead and wrap the elastic around her waist. Overlap it just a bit and cut it to the size you will need. (Side note: Stretch the heck out of your elastic before you use it. I can't believe I j…

Except for pajama pants.

Pajama pants are awesome.

I think he likes the flame ones. He put them on and immediately started kicking me, saying "Kick. Kick. Kick." I guess they make him feel tough.

Pants are evil.

Anna, increasingly over the past couple of weeks, has just wanted to wear the same two skirts and one Sunday dress over and over. Today, she flat out refused to wear pants or shorts. Call me crazy, but I don't really want her wearing her Sunday dress to play at the mud table (formally known as the sand and water table). I asked her why she won't wear pants anymore. She said when she wears pants, she can't feel the warm summer breezes. I don't understand why that means no shorts either. And, since Ellery wants to be just like her big sister, it looks like its going to be a summer full of skirts. I think you know where this is going- I made some skirts this afternoon.

Matching (their request) strawberry skirts.

Birds and some more fruit.

I started digging through fabric after lunch. Started sewing after I put Sam down for his nap. By the time he woke up, I had four finished skirts. I kind of mashed together this tutorial and this tutorial. It really was simple. I am willing…

Halfway There!

You are looking at blocks # 57, 58, 59 and 60. That means I am one block past halfway. WooHoo! Here's what they all look like just thrown up on the wall with no thought for design.

I know, hard to see any detail in the little picture. It's how I know how to do it on the iPad. The laptop unfortunately seems to have died once and for all. Oh well.

I am, of course, having my halfway through a project freak out. I'm not sure I like it anymore. How scrappy is too scrappy? Is this really just a hot mess and I'm just now noticing? Since I tend to feel this way in the middle of every project, I'm just going to keep going and trust that it will all work out in the end.

The Glory of Pinterest

So, this afternoon I saw this pin.

Source: via Trina on Pinterest

Next thing I know, I'm throwing the kids in the car and heading to the dollar store. It even happened to be 88 cent Tuesday. Score! We spent ten dollars on fake flowers, plastic cups to use as vases, and a clipboard. We got out our playtable and a chair, a set of shelves from the laundry room that I never use, a pencil, some paper, a calculator, and a whiteboard. TaDa! Our very own play flower shop. The best part is no one has asked to play on the iPad or watch a movie since.

The First Block Is The Hardest

Sometimes it seems to take forever to get the first block of a quilt sewn.

There's the planning and diagraming and math. The trauma of trying to resize a tutorial for a 9 inch block down to 6 inches. The endless paper- piecing versus just plain piecing debate.

And then the shopping for the perfect dark pink, light pink and green fabrics. Four different stores in four different cities. Thank goodness Brendan was around so I could go without the kids.

And then the cutting. And more cutting. And some more. Over a thousand pieces of fabric for these two twin size quilts.

Then, finally, after a month of work- the first block was done. Hallelujah.

Wow, poorly lit picture. Anyway, once you get that first block done all the others are a piece of cake. It's like I blinked and I had ten more blocks done.

I am enjoying putting each one of these blocks together. Playing with the color and fabric combinations makes each one interesting. 11 down, 108 more to go. We'll see if I still think t…