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Summertime tradition?

After all, what could possibly be better than staying up past bedtime tie-dying shirts?

Thank you youtube for teaching me how to dye a heart shape!

Sam loved the whole process but he was dangerous with that squirt bottle of dye!

I'm really having a hard time resisting the urge to head back to Michael's for more dye. It was relatively easy and a whole lot of fun. How much tie-dye is too much?

A New Thing

If you're my Facebook friend you already know this so feel free to ignore this post. I am trying a new thing this summer- taking a photo a day. Since my camera's memory card is full until I can afford to go print a year's worth of photos, I've been using Instagram. I'm pretty much loving it. One thing, though, we didn't spring for 3G for the iPad since 99% of the time i'm just using it at home. And we haven't yet joined the smart phone generation. So, all my pictures will be at home. I thought it would be limiting. But, I have cute kids so it hasn't been a problem.

Which is your favorite?

I think goal #2 will have to involve actually getting some of them off the iPad and actually into frames. And you know, those 350 or so on the memory card too.

Crafting: The Next Generation

While I was busying attempting to add some pizazz to my rather dreadful wardrobe,

Anna was busy doing some creating of her own.

(Felt flower pendant from the book Microcrafts. Fabric bracelet tutorial here.)

The Quilt Top of Obsession

Well, it's finished. I started late Saturday night and by Thursday I had this.

About 68 inches square. 613- 3 inch squares. Many, many hours. From cutting the first square to finished top in under 6 days. Yep, obsessed.

Every single little bit from my fabric stash and leftovers from other projects. Plus, see that grey floral print on the right side of the picture? That used to be my pajamas. In the middle of my obsession, the crotch irrepairably ripped. Well, the print was perfect for this quilt. So, the portion still in good shape went into the quilt. That's what quilting used to be all about, right? Using up and making do.

Apparently, it takes four people to hold a quilt.

The basting, quilting and binding is not going to be as quick. I'm setting this aside for a little while so I can get some other projects done. Plus, after living, breathing, dreaming this quilt for the last week- the quilt and I need a little time apart. When that's over and the obsession is back, I&…


It all started because Anna was invited to a beach-themed birthday party. She needed a present. Funds were tight so I decided to make something with the supplies I had on hand.

Well, there was no way I could make one to give away without making two for my little girls to keep.

Free pattern available here. I used a single layer of felt for the hair rather than double layer of textured fabric because it was what I had. And, it was easier.


I make quilts for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes for a special occasion- a wedding, a baby, Christmas. Sometimes because someone has just plain asked me to. Sometimes (every once in a great while) because someone is paying me to. Sometimes, though, I make a quilt just to get it out of my head. I'll spend days or weeks thinking (ok, obsessing) about a quilt before I finally just have to break down and make it.

Well, late Saturday I finished my 118 blocks.

They make a rather impressive stack. It was too late to head to the fabric store for the white fabric I need to turn them into a quilt top. What's an obsessive quilter to do until I have the opportunity to go the craft store without the kids? Start on the quilt that I've been obsessing about, of course.

The colors are off in these pictures and nothing I did seemed to help. That's not actually a black and white polka dot. It's grey and white. In general everything's lighter than it appears here. But, takin…

I Like Summer

Today, I like summer. Earlier this week- not so much. Not only are my nice quiet mornings with Sam gone but he's decided naps are for wusses. Bored girls, grumpy Sam, yadda yadda yadda. It's made for a trying week. But, the thing is, I'm married to a teacher. And, while he is teaching a couple of classes for the extra money, his days are shorter and he has no classes on Fridays. WooHoo!

Today has been pretty much perfect. We went to the library for the summer reading kickoff.

Sam has Thor makes me giggle. Maybe we'll just let his hair grow long.

We went to the park. We cleaned the house a little. We went to the bookstore for new workbooks for the girls. I know, the library and the bookstore in the same day. We're a happy little literate family.

Brendan played a game with the girls while I cleaned up after dinner and got the new workbooks into binders. Currently, there are Rice Krispie treats cooling, the house is mostly neat, and the kids are playing happily together…

In My Head

I'm obsessing about starting a new quilt. It seems to happen to me in the middle of every big project (80 squares done out of 118!). I can't help it. Chain piecing 118 identical blocks gives me a whole heck of a lot of time to think. And what do I think about? What else I could be sewing, of course. My current obsessions are-

A star quilt of some sort for Ellery's birthday in August.

Source: via Trina on Pinterest

Source: via Trina on Pinterest

Source: via Trina on Pinterest

A rainbow quilt for Anna's birthday in October.

Source: via Trina on Pinterest

Source: via Trina on Pinterest

Source: via Trina on Pinterest

This quilt

Source: via Trina on Pinterest

In these colors.

Source: via Trina on Pinterest

It took all the will power I have not to start one of these today. Soon, very soon.