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Still Obsessing

Looks like I'm not ready to be done with this quilt pattern quite yet.

And I'm considering a huge one in blue, white and grey for my bed. Hey, when you find a good thing (or something that just won't get out of your head) you've just got to go with it.


Isn't it great to have friends? Especially friends that you've had forever. Way before there were any kids. Before anyone was married. Friends who you can pick right back up with, no matter how long it's been since you've seen each other.

Thanks for coming to visit. We love you guys.

Who's Your Granny?

Inspired by this-

Source: via Trina on Pinterest
(Is it still called inspiration when you're inspired by something you yourself made?)
And this-

Source: via Trina on Pinterest

And, let's not forget this-

Source: via Trina on Pinterest

Also known as The Forbidden Quilt, The Quilt of Obsession, and The Big Old Granny Quilt. Blogged previouly here.

Yes, I off-handedly mentioned that I should hurry and finish this one by the end of the month so I could be averaging a quilt a month for the year. But, I had no intention of actually doing it, really. I had every intention of starting a quilt for Ellery's birthday next month. A sunshine quilt for my little sunshine girl. But then I suffered from an overflow of inspiration. I had like 15 ideas for a sunshine quilt. When the kids actually slept in yesterday morning and I had some time to sew, I couldn't decide which if the fifteen ideas I wanted to work …

Blush and Bashful

So, have you seen Steel Magnolias? Of course you've seen Steel Magnolias. Remember the wedding colors- blush and bashful? Otherwise known as pink and pink? Well, the whole time I was making this quilt that was all I could think of. My sister-in-law asked for two quilts for my two nieces in pink, dark pink and green. So, one is named Blush and one is named Bashful. But, I haven't really decided which is which.

They are twin size (about 66" by 88") and of course contain some very fun fabrics.

Butterflies for Peyten.

Hearts for Callie.

Strawberries for them both. Pink sheep because I could not resist them.

And some trees and birds because all my quilts have to have trees and birds.

All in all, I am very pleased with how they turned out.

Almost every block is different. There are two blocks alike, one for each quilt. Of course, I've completely forgotten which one it is.

I love the groovy polkadots I found for the border and the green with tiny pink flowers for the bindi…

I hate basting.

Really. I'm pretty sure no one actually enjoys it. But, the thought of seeing bits of fabric finally coming together into an actual quilt gets me through. To be fair, it's not the actual basting that I despise but all the preparation before you get to the actual basting- pressing huge swathes of fabric and cleaning the kitchen floor. Ugh. Nothing's going to improve upon those steps except maybe a maid.

Anyway, with two twin size quilts to baste this week, I decided it was time to try basting spray. It was a total impulse buy sometime last year. But, the thought of fumes scared me a little, I was nervous after a bad fusible batting experience (horrible stuff) and I forgot I had it for a while. Let me tell you, I had nothing to worry about. Everything it promised on the can was true- the fumes weren't bad, it stuck those layers together like magic, it was completely repositionable, and it didn't gum up my sewing machine. Cue angels singing. I only have one complaint- …

The end is near!

I should finish up the machine quilting tonight. Depending on how good the kids are with the whole bedtime thing, I might even get the label and binding attached, too. Then all that will be left is handsewing the binding, a task I actually really enjoy.

I would be a lot more excited if this weren't #1 out of 2 and I wasn't having a really hard time finding more backing fabric!

Pinterest strikes yet again.

Original pin and tutorial-

Source: via Trina on Pinterest

The result-

Considering a July full of visits to cousins and visits from cousins, I thought these were a great idea. I made a trip to Walmart for $2.50 pillows, dug into the crafty closet and came out with some IKEA fabric I've been hoarding .... stashing ... saving for the perfect project. One afternoon later, even with five extra people in the house, and we had these. They just might be the girl's favorite thing ever. Even with houseguests temporarily gone, they're still sleeping on them. Next up, one for Sam.

Meditation with Fabric Scraps

Well, now that that's out of my system and I'm feeling calmer, it's time to get back to the laundry and cleaning. More blog stuff soon.