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Someone else's blanket

Nothing makes me want to throw myself into my own projects like spending four days dedicated to someone else's.

Nine or ten hours to a finished baby blanket. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

It seems all the craft project modeling wore Anna out. She feel asleep in the stuffed animal basket this afternoon.

Back to School Bows

It started innocently enough. Anna was begging for a Hello Kitty shirt. But, we were school shopping and a Hello Kitty shirt definitely does not fall within her school's uniform guidelines. So, I bought a 3 dollar roll of Hello Kitty ribbon to surprise her with instead.

Last Saturday night, I made her a big Hello Kitty bow and a headband.

And a couple of smaller bows.

Well, since I had all the ribbon out and the glue gun was hot, I made a big bow for Ellery.

And a couple of red flowered bows.

And some blue flowered bows.

And some school themed bows.

Now I'm thinking they may need some simpler one color bows also. Craziness.

Further Awry

So, today I got an offer I couldn't refuse. A crochet baby blanket needs to be done by Monday. The owner of my favorite fabric store (who promised a sweet old lady it would be done) asked if I could do it in exchange for store credit. She had me at store credit. List Schmist. Christmas is still four months away, right?

Best Laid Plans

So, last night I spent the time after bedtime making a prioritized list of crafty projects. Then I organized and prepped a few Christmas projects- getting them all ready to start seriously working on. Then, today I flipped through Alabama Studio by Natalie Chanin one more time before I have to take it back to the library tomorrow. Next thing I know, I'm starting a handstitched bandana for myself. That definitely wasn't on my list. I refuse to feel guilty about that.

It's my list. I can ignore it if I want!

I may need an intervention.

So what if I've started my third quilt from the same pattern this summer? I can quit anytime I want.

It's not like I'm neglecting the housework (I am so neglecting the housework), the kids ( I dressed them and fed them! ) or my other projects ( I don't have to have those charity quilts done right away). I have it under control.

Yeah, I have 16 rows worth of squares cut out. But, I can guarantee I will not cut out any more for this quilt today. (Only because I've run out of fabric.)

156 out of 300

24 blocks today means that I am not only caught up after houseguests in the sewing room this weekend but I am also halfway! I'm completely done with red and orange and will be done with yellow soon. They make such a lovely stack, don't they? 4 inches high and filled with all my favorite fabrics. Including what might be my very last scrap of Heather Ross' Happy Campers. This may be the last you see of this quilt- at least until after Christmas!

Happy Birthday, Ellery!

Oh, she had a great day. Special birthday shirt and bow. My Little Ponies, Lego, and a Spiderman Bobblehead. Proudly announcing to everyone at church that today was her birthday. Chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles on Spiderman plates. She is such a fantastic little four year old.

It's a big few days for us. Saturday was our two year anniversary of moving to Idaho. Today was Ellery's birthday. Tomorrow is our 8 year wedding anniversary. I better go to bed because right now the thought of anymore celebrating just makes me tired.

New (Long-Term) Project

I'm feeling depressed about the new project I threw myself into this week.

It's not the pattern. I love the pattern (High Five from Sunday Morning Quilts). I love the colors. I absolutely love each individual block.

Cheeky Monkey

So much fabric goodness. So many fond memories of past projects.

None of that is depressing. What's depressing is that after a week and a half of focused, daily sewing and of ignoring housework and telling the children to go ask daddy, I have 60 completed 5 inch blocks. 60 out of the 300 or so I'll need for a decent sized quilt. 300! That means, even if I keep up this pace (which we all know I can't) I'll spend the next 4 weeks just making blocks for this quilt. My last quilt was started and finished in a week. The quilt before that was 10 days. It just seems so daunting by comparison. I guess I just have to keep reminding myself that it's not a race. And that Christmas is a long time away. So, I should just slow down and enjoy the pro…

Day at the Lake

Even though we've been here almost two years, we keep finding new places. Yesterday, we finally decided to take the kids swimming for the first time this summer. Being cheap, we decided to try out a local lake rather than the YMCA pool. Great decision. Look at how beautiful this place is.

Sand and a shallow area for the kids to play on. Docks, a diving board and a duck. It's great. And it cost $3 for us to get in. Not $3 each. $3 total. I definately see us coming back a lot next summer.

Notice something about the picture above? No swimmers. That's because we got there at the same time as all those dark clouds and some distant thunder. That's ok, there was plenty to keep us occupied until the lifeguards let people back in the water.


A playground.

Rocks to climb.

Finally, we got into the water.

And they absolutely loved it. Since we stopped for shaved ice on the way home, it was pretty much the best day ever.



I love a good peasant top. Love them. I absolutely wore my favorite to shreads a couple of years ago. I've been mourning the loss ever since. So, I was thrilled when I saw this tutorial.
I immediately decided to make my own. But, at the same time, I was reading Alabama Studio Style by Natalie Chanin. So, I decided to mash the two together. I started with an oversized men's white t-shirt and a dark blue shirt from my closet with an awful neckline. This is what I ended up.

So, I can't follow a tutorial exactly ever. I gathered the sleeves with elastic thread. I made the neckline elastic casing from the contrasting fabric rather than the white. I added a band of ontrasting fabric around the bottom hem. And, of course, a couple of reverse applique flowers.

It's my new favorite shirt. I'm trying to refrain from starting on another right away.

You wouldn't know it from the two posts today, but there has been some serious bad juju in the craft room this week. I finished t…