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Coming Together

So, it's not my style. Or colors I would choose. But, it's still exciting to see quilt blocks start to come together well. Appliqued circles and stars, here I come.

My Kids Are Awesome

They don't even know where we're going yet. They're just this excited to be wearing capes. You should have heard the squeals of delight when we arrived at the ropes course for Fairy and Superhero Day.

Oh yeah, she is one tough kid.

No fear at all.

Purple face paint really helps camoflauge a black eye.

I think two years in a row officially makes a tradition. And next year Sam will be old enough for all the stuff that requires a waiver and a harness. Heaven help us.

Cause and Effect

Source: via Trina on Pinterest


Work in Progress

All the squares are sewn into rows. But, I need at least 8 more rounds to cover my queen size bed. And I am out of fabric. And, well, I sort of stumbled into this quilt while I was supposed to be working on other things.

So, onto other things. Yesterday, I put a new blade on my rotary cutter and started cutting fabric for a new quilt. Sure, it's not my style or my favorite color scheme, but it is exciting for other reasons. I'll share more when I actually start getting things sewn together.

First Day of First Grade

When did she get so freaking big?

She was so excited so could hardly stand it. She was up 10 minutes before my alarm went off- jabbering and jumping all over. I hope it lives up to expectations.

First Day of School

Like I said in the last post, it's a big week for us. Today was Ellery's first day of preschool. We had the obligatory photo shoot.

Getting her to hold still and look at the camera is not an easy thing. She was singing, dancing, laughing, and bouncing most of the time.

She's such a sweet, happy girl.

Anna, Sam and I took her to school and stayed through lunch and outside time.

She loves her new school and immediately started making friends. Sam loved it too. It was not exactly easy to drag him away.

Tomorrow Anna starts school. Hello early mornings, packing lunches and four different daily trips to drop off or pick up someone at school. I'm sure I'll have another big batch of pictures to post tomorrow.

Labor Day

It's a big week for us. Yesterday, we went to the county fair. It's hard to believe that we've lived here long enough for this to be the third year! It's officially a tradition now.

We're pretty cheap. We get there as early. We pay to get in and that's about it. We bring water bottles and snacks. We don't go on any rides. We don't get any food. We look at the animals and the quilts. That being said, we still have a blast. Sam loved each and every animal, evn if he did call most of them cows. Ellery liked the alpacas and the sheep. She declared that we need an alpaca. Hmmmm. And Anna has decided she only likes animals that don't make noise. So, the bunnies.

The train room was great, as always.

They milked a fake cow. No way in the world would Anna touch a real cow.

The girls pretended to be produce.

And Sam-the farmer.

Sam is actually attempting to steal the tractor. He tried to put it in his stroller and push it away. And, that's not sand. It's d…