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I'm declaring this the halloween of face paint. I maybe got a little obsessive.

I was a lion. Really easy. Some felt and a headband for ears. Some time looking at face painting tips online. Sam, especially, was very impressed.

Ellery was a witch. A purchased hat, a cape we already had, a big t-shirt turned into a peasant style dress, the perfect red stripey socks and some spooky spidery face paint.

Anna was a flower fairy. I bought the wings. We already had the tutu. I made the crown and the wand. It was the perfect costume for her. Really, she would be perfectly comfortable wearing something like this everyday.

Sam was a super guy. I made a felt mask, but it kept getting in the way. So, I painted on a mask. Which he smeared. The cape came out of the dress up bag.

Brendan was Rincewind. He's a wizard from Terry Pratchett's books. I made the hat from a Simplicity pattern. The robe is actually a Snuggie from the thrift store. I added lots of trim and embellishment. The staff is …

Blog Love

Yeah, I'm not really feeling it. Just having a hard time working up the motivation to post. Partially, it's the time of year. All my big projects are someone's Christmas present. So, there's not much to share. Partially, it's the stress of moving. Ugh. But stuff has been happening.

Anna turned 7. Crazy. Who the heck gave her permission to get so big?

Yeah, it was a very Hello Kitty birthday. I made her the hat. Free pattern here.

She decorated her cake. Very precisely.

Yes, she's a goober. But, she's my goober.

Well, I better get back to the many, many Halloween preparations. I'll try to show the results on Wednesday.

Life Lesson

I know it's only Wednesday, but so far this week sucks. Monday night our car started making bad sort of transmission noises. Tuesday I took it in for a long overdue transmission flush and crossed my fingers that would do the job. Two hours in the waiting room with Ellery and Sam later, I was told we needed a new transmission. The warranty might cover it. It might not since we were overdue on the maintenance. Either way, they aren't going to have the part until next week. So, no driving unless absolutely necessary. Then, the wind blew over some of our back fence. Then, our landlords called. Long story short- our lease is up, they're moving back to town, and we're looking for a new place to live by December 1st. At this point, I broke down in tears. No one should be told they need a new transmission and a new place to live on the same day. And there's still all the normal stuff to worry about- painted pumpkin projects for school, Primary program practice, teaching se…

Corn Maze Photos

It was bigger this year. Which was great at the beginning. It was a beautiful day. Everyone was excited. Brendan brought the video camera. Sam kept calling the corn "popcorn". But, then everyone started getting hungry. And grumpy. Sam decided he just wanted to play in the dirt. Ellery wanted to be carried. And we went down about a hundred dead ends. It just made the celebration bigger, though, when we finally found the exit and headed home for nachos.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I'm digging into this great stack of red and green fabric today. I might even break my strict no Christmas music before Thanksgiving rule!

Feeling Fallish

It's the first chilly, blustery day of the season today. It feels like Fall has actually decided to show up. The yarny goodness bug has hit and I would love to spend all day knitting.

But, this little nugget has decided he wants to spend today climbing all over me and unrolling my yarn balls all over the house. He wins for now.

I finally finished something!

It feels like forever since I've finished something. That's what I get for taking on several large projects all at once, most of which have to remain secret until Christmas. But, this one I can show you!

I got asked to make this quilt top for a store sample for my local quilting shop. I started on Sepember 7th and finished about half an hour ago. Not bad for beng intermittently sick and losing power to half my house during that time.

I know, I know. So not my style. Country colors? Appliqued circles? But, it's grown on me. I'm not saying I'm going to start another just like it. But, I could definitely see myself doing the pattern again in some colors that are more me. Maybe a patriotic sort of bright red, white and blue with yellow stars?

Most of all, I'm proud of my quilt-making prowess. I was so worried when I saw the pattern. I was sure that by the time I got to that final pieced border there would be trouble. I was sure things were just not going to match u…