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Little Monsters

I'm so excited to actually have a project that I don't have to hide behind a Christmasy veil of secrecy!

Meet Lydia and Liam. Although, I may occassionally call them Ellery and Sam. I'm making them and their mama monster as store samples for my favorite local fabric/yarn store.

They are much loved around here. So much so, that I think I'm going to have to buy my own copy of the book (The Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger) and make some more. I will get these back after the store is done displaying them. But, I'm not sure that monkey up there can wait that long.

I may have to hide them while she's at Preschool so they're still in good shape for the store.

The New Digs

OK, if you're anyone but my mom, this might just bore the heck out of you. But, we're like 95% settled in our new house after a long and exhausting move (everyone was sick, we got a new transmission in our car the same week, etc) and I thought I would celebrate by posting a multitude of pictures.
Click on any picture to see it larger.


Thrilling, I know.

The living room, dining room, kitchen great roomy sort of space.


Hey, what's behind that door in the kitchen?

Oh, a pantry.

Wait, that's not just a pantry. That's the walk-in pantry of the gods.

Out the back door-

Everything about the house is bigger, except the back yard. That's a plus and a minus. We were struggling to keep up with the yardwork. It felt like we spent most of the summer and fall picking up squishy fruit. I am really going to miss the big covered deck, though. But, we love the willow tree. Anna has big plans for it. She has informed me that in the summer she and I will spread a qui…

Pants on Fire

It seems I'm an excellent myself. For some reason, I think of myself as living a sparse, austere sort of life- uncluttered with physical possessions. An anti-hoarder, if you will. Lies, all lies! Sure, I don't have a ton of clothing or shoes. Just what I need. For how much I read, I really own very few books. That what the library is for. Almost no knick-knacks. I just never take into account the games (hey, those are mostly Brendan's), the kitchen stuff (hey, we cook a lot) and the craft supplies. Oh, the craft supplies. When you routinely sew, quilt, knit, crochet, embroider and occassionally make jewelry, bind books, paint and anything else you can think of- craft supplies start to pile up. I think when we moved into our first little newlywed apartment, I brought one rubbermaid bin full of yarn and patterns. My craft supplies have now grown into a room all their own. A room filled with a design wall, bins of fabric and scraps, yarn, patterns, sketchbooks, jou…