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Christmas Crafting Report #1

This turned out to be a big crafty Christmas. Next year- gift cards for everyone. I'm serious. Really.

First up, a quilted bag for Brendan's grandmother who loves Vera Bradley bags.

Who knows why Anna felt the need to wear it on her head.

I started with this tutorial but changed it a bit, mostly when it came to construction. It has pockets all around the outside, a magnetic closure, snazzy straps from the fabric store and some fantastic fabrics.

Hidden inside is some great owl fabric since whenever I think about her house, I can't help but think about the large collection of owl figurines.

I briefly considered keeping this one for myself. It's just a great size and I love the pockets. I then considered staying up all night right before we left and making a red and grey one for myself. I may have even started cutting pieces. I mean, how handy would this have been traveling? But, common sense won out. I will be starting it as soon as I get home.

Christmas Photos

Christmas Eve-

Christmas Morning-

Not for Christmas

Hey. I actually have another project that I can share before the big day. I finished and got to hand deliver a baby quilt. Unfortunately, my nephew is not due until the end of January, so no new baby on a quilt pictures. We'll just have to settle for husband standing on the side of the road holding a quilt pictures. He's such a good sport.

It measures 48" square and is yet another Trip Around the World quilt. This makes my 4th. What can I say, I love this pattern.

Full of blues and greys and my favorite bug fabric of all time.

Backed with blue and white polkadots. Bound with black and white polkadots. Have I mentioned I love polkadots?

No official name. I've mostly been calling it Paxton's quilt.

Easy is Relative

I devoted yesterday evening to my final Christmas crafting project. Luckily it was an easy one. By the end of the evening, I had a stack of kid's jammies.

I make it sound so easy, don't I? Well, this is the truth of my easy project. I started about 5 o'clock. I began by tossing my failed attempt at a pair of pajama pants for Sam from the day before. Good thing I got the flannel super cheap. I redrafted a pattern. Ironed more flannel. Cut out the pieces for two pairs. Started sewing them together. Took a break for dinner (thank you, Sweetie). Finished sewing the pants. Wrestled Samuel into trying on a pair. Success! Got my sewing machine ready for the next project which involved changing the needle, the foot and the thread. Took a break to get the kids into jammies, tuck them in and sing songs. Found the pattern I had drafted for simple girl's nightgowns earlier in the week. Grabbed one of their dolls. Drafted a doll-sized version of the same nightgowns. Ironed 4 yards …


I am a finishing machine this week. I even get to share two out of my three finishes.

First, My little monster family is complete!

I love them, love them, love them.

So do the kids.

Pattern: Leila, Lydia and Lucas from The Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger
Yarn: Simplicity- two skeins red, one skein orange
Needles: Size 2 circular and double pointed.

I've still got one more monster to make for the store. A stripey one! I think he might have to wait until after Christmas, though.

And, thanks to Brendan making dinner last night (love you, baby) I whipped up a stocking.

It's for my nephew- made to match the ones I made his parents a couple of years ago. Thank heavens for the blog so I could go back and remind myself what they looked like. This one is full of my favorite Christmas fabrics.

Christmas lights, merry sort of words, snowflakes.

Stockings and little gnome santas.

Anna likes back the best.

I also finished a baby quilt. No pictures of that one, though. At least not unti…


After years of thinking "I should make an advent calendar," I finally made one.

Actually, I made two. One to keep and one to gift. It's not really all wonky- it's just stuffed with Christmas goodies.

I adapted this tutorial. I used straight sashing instead of off-setting the pockets. Appliquing the numbers seemed like too much work, so I ended up cross-stitching them. Which was more work. But, I really like the look of them.

Oh, I love all those little lined pockets. And the binding. It's all better than I pictured it.