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Home Is Where....

Feeling a little tenderhearted today. I've got a sweet new nephew. My mom called from the hospital. I talked to my brother. My other brother is posting pictures on Twitter. Everyone's there. Except me. I'm 1665 miles away.

I guess it's appropriate I'm spending the day working on this little Valentine's Day decoration. The top's all done. Now, to baste it, quilt it, bind it and turn it into a 28" wall-hanging. I'm still not sure if I actually like it. I guess I'll see it once it's all done.

One Project Down

Cecil has legs!

And a bit of an attitude.

He likes to lurk in my office and remind me to get back to work on my other projects.

He consents to cuddling every once in a while. It's tempting to start another monster right away. Epecially since Cecil is going to go live in the store for awhile.

Pattern: Cecil from The Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger
Yarn: Simplicity by Hikoo


Alright, it's time. All crazy all-encompassing Christamas crafting projects are done and gifted. We're back from the Christmas/New Years/longer trip and mostly recovered. The laundry is done. The freezer is no longer a frozen waterfall (that was fun to come home to). The new toys are put away. It's time for a fair and accurate accounting of all the projects I have going and maybe even make some goals for the year.

WIP #1 Cecil

Cecil is another store sample for my nearby fabric/yarn store. I took him along to Arkansas and worked on him for a grand total of about half and hour. I've been busting a move since we got back and all he's missing is legs. Goal- have him finished, photographed, blogged and delivered by Saturday.

WIP #2 High Five Quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts

204 scrappy blocks done. 76 more to go. Goal- Have it all done and ready to show at the local quilt show in March.

WIP #3 Paper-pieced Stars Quilt

Haven't dedicated much time to this one in a long wh…

Handmade Gift Report #4

First of all, I really hope you all know that I don't do these handmade gift reports to brag. In no way am I saying, "Look how awesome I am because I made all these things." Replace "awesome" with "crazy" and you come closer to the truth. I do these reports because come next November, I will have only a vague idea what I made for the previous Christmas. And in three Christmases when I have the same brother again in the rotation, there is no chance at all of me remembering. So, now you know. I write these blog posts solely to aid my memory.

OK, my very last handmade Christmas gifts, made at the very last minute before we left on our trip, was pajamas for my kids to open on Christmas Eve. Then, on Christmas morning, there were matching nightgowns for their brand new dolls.

Peasant style knit nightgowns with lettuce hems. Simple, quick, easy.


After about three weeks of traveling and unpacking and getting back to normal life, I finally got back to my sewing machine. I think my family was relieved. I had been getting a rather maniacal gleam in my eye.

I started with the projects I would have like to have done before my trip but didn't.

On Friday, I made a purse just for me.

Same pattern as the one I made for my husband's grandmother. In my favorite color scheme of the moment.

My lining choice was limited to what I had on hand since there was a blizzard warning and there was no way I was venturing outside. I was a little unsure, but it has turned out to be my favorite thing ever.

Sam has given it his seal of approval by stealing it multiple times while I was trying to take pictures.

Saturday, I pulled out some extra special flannel I bought with my sweet little Anna in mind.

Yep, she loves bacon.

I used it to make her some simple pajama bottoms.

And, I had just enough fabric left over to make a matching pillowcase. My little b…

Photos From Arkansas


Climbing Trees

Chuck E Cheese

Riding the Dog like a Pony

Museum of Discovery


New Best Friends

Visiting Papa Dave at Work

Picking Up a Whole Bucket of Pecans


To sum up- the best trip ever.

Handmade Gift Report #3

A quilt for my dad.

Wait a second.

That's better. Someone's getting a little sarcastic about his job as quilt holder.

I know, another Trip Round the World quilt. My fourth. What can I say, I like this pattern. A lot.

I used the last of my houses fabric for the backing. I guess it's time for another trip to Ikea.

Some fabrics I choose with my dad in mind. In all those dates in the fabric on the far left is the year I was born. Then the grey swirly fabric is meant to look like a zen garden. Then the large scale flowers. The fabric on the far right is little sprouts. All ones I thought he would like.