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Crafting With The Munchkins

My kids are starting to get old enough that it's actually getting fun to do craft projects with them. As long as they're quick and not sticky. Today's fit the bill perfectly. Ever since I made Anna's bed a couple of weeks ago and found at least four books draped over the railing, I've been meaning to make bookmarks with her. I turned to the internet for inspiration-

Source: via Trina on Pinterest
Simple and cute, huh? Today at the store, I grabbed some paint sample cards and a butterfly craft punch. After school, we pulled out the big box of ribbon from the craft room and got to work.

The butterfly hole punch was a huge hit.

And, as a bonus, we've now got all this fun butterfly confetti.

It only took about fifteen minutes to make a dozen bookmarks. One for me, three for Anna's best friends at school, one for her teacher and lots left over for Anna.

I may not be quite done with the hole punch.....

Source: via Trina on P…


I might have a new obsession. It started out innocently enough. One of the quilt guild ladies, who happens to own the fabric store we meet at, did a demonstration of these nifty zippered vinyl pouches. Then there were kits. Super cute kits. Next thing I know, I've bought two kits and I'm making pouches that very night.

I can't make one for Anna without making for Ellery too, right?

The girls love them. They are very useful for keeping the art supplies, which had been threatening to take over our house, in control. I start thinking about how handy they are. And how the pattern was really rather clever and easier than you'd expect. You know what happens next, right?

Yes, I'm back at the fabric store buying the stuff for two more pouches- one for Sam and one for me. I made them last night in under an hour.

Would you believe me if I told you I planned that perfect little line of paperclips at the bottom of mine? If so, I totally planned it.

So that's where I'm …


There's something about digging out the bag full of socks from deep within the recesses of the craft room. By the time I've found it, pulled out my favorite sock animal books, and gone and bought Polyfill. Well, by the time I've done all that, I can't make just the one sock animal I set out to make.

So, I made an elephant for Ellery to replace the very tattered sock monkey we threw away during the move. And a rabbit for Anna. Because, how amazing were those stripey rainbow socks?

Well, and then there were all these adorable baby socks at the bottom of the bag. I couldn't bear to throw them away when they grew out of them and I couldn't just leave them in the bag this time. Next thing I know, I've got a trio of mini sock monkeys on my hands.

Cuteness overload. I probably find them way more adorable because I remember little baby Anna in those stripey pink socks. And baby Ellery. And baby Sam in the others. Awww. OK, new train of thought before I end up spendi…


I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. Today, I got everything cleaned up from our Super Bowl party (you know, if you consider my husband and I making a ton of yummy food just for us, a party). Seriously, making spicy chicken wings = huge mess. But, I also managed to get some sewing done!

I finished all the blocks I need for my completely scrappy quilt.

All 266 of them!

Plus, I finished the last few blocks I need for a scrappy nine patch quilt.

I know, I know. I may have a scrap quilt problem.

Just in case you're curious, that's 336 blocks total. Which makes a stack 8 inches high.

An 8 inch stack months in the making. I'm so excited to start turning them into quilt tops!