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Almost Forgotten

As I was updating my project journal, I found a couple of projects I had no pictures of. (Yes, I keep a project journal and have for years. I mean other than the blog- an actual physical project journal. No, I don't think that's a waste of time. Yes, I find it really handy and refer to it all the time. Yes, I'll tell you all about in another blog post if you are really that interested.) Back to the lack of pictures. No pictures means no blog post. No blog post means I might as well have never made them in the first place. So, it's time to remedy that situation.

First up, my finished Valentine's Day wall hanging. I started it close to the end of January and finished it a few days later. It's been hanging on my wall since then.

OK, the color's a little crazy on these photos. It was super sunny today. In reality, it's a little more subdued- much like it looks in the original blog post.

I wish I had been brave enough to throw out most of the lightest pinks.…

Signs of Spring

Afternoons at the park.

Toenail polish and new sandals.

A haircut for Sam.

Every Little Bit

Yesterday, I finished what is probably the most labor intensive quilt I have ever made.

I started in August. Eight months of sewing together tiny little scraps. 280 blocks. 1400 pieces of fabric. Somehow, though, my scrap bins are still overflowing. I call it "Every Little Bit". The pattern is High Five from Sunday Morning Quilts. Of course, I had to make it more complicated by only making the small blocks from the pattern.

 I really love scrap quilts- taking the tiniest little bit of leftover fabric, putting them together and making something beautiful. There are scraps from just about every project I've ever made in here. At least the ones since I got smart enough to save all my scraps. I thought I would share some of the things I see when I look at it.


Needless to say, this quilt makes me very happy.

I see a little something different when I look at the backing and binding.

I see my next quilt. What do you think the odds are of getting my husband to agree to an …

No Rest For The Crafty

Finished right before bed last night-

Started first thing this morning-

Travel Knitting Finished

I take travel crafting very seriously. There is no way I am spending hours in a plane or in a car without a project to work on. But, it has to be the perfect project. Not too easy that I get bored. Not too tough that I get frustrated. Something that I don't need to look at the pattern every five minutes. I take about ten minutes to pack my clothing and hours agonizing over what project to pack. For our Christmas trip to Arkansas, I decided on a Quaking Aspen Shawl. It seemed to have all the hallmarks of good travel knitting. Plus, it was a free pattern. Plus, I had the yarn I needed in my stash. WooHoo.

And, it was indeed great travel knitting. I cast on during our first flight. I knit while on airplanes. I knit while talking to family. I knit on Christmas day after the power went out. I knit while stuck in the car going nowhere due to construction. I dragged it around everywhere with me through several states. And now, a couple of months and a fancy border later, it's done. I…