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The Summer of the Bunnies

So, it's been a week and a day since I received my Maggie Rabbit kit. A busy week and a day.

I made the kit- bunny, dress, boots and shawl.

I also made her a little apron of my own devising.

And bloomers.

And I knit her a dress.

And while I was at the store getting the yarn for the dress, I bought enough felt for a second bunny, yarn for a second dress, and yarn for two little knit jackets. I also have plans for two little baby bunnies from the scraps.

I think my speed is mostly in part to lots and lots of, "Is my bunny done, yet?" They've even been offering to do things like clean their room and make dinner so I have more time to work on them. Honestly, though, my own excitement has played a great part as well. I adore these bunnies. Brendan keeps walking into the room and finding me doing things like changing it's clothes or rubbing the soft felt on my cheek. I might have a hard time officially turning over ownership. Would a third bunny be too much?

An extreme case of Startitis.

I should have seen the warning signs. I finished up a couple of big, long term projects. I didn't really have anything planned next. School is wrapping up and I have this (probably mistaken) notion that I'll have so much more time without the four daily school runs. Suddenly, I'm starting projects left and right.

First, I started a little embroidery project. You know, just three big doily-inspired embroidered hoops to hang over my bed. Did I mention that there is no pattern? I'm just designing them as I go. One almost down. Two more to go.

There was really no choice on the next project. I've been in love with the Maggie Rabbits since they started appearing on Posie Gets Cosy. When the kits were first released I hemmed and hawed and by the time I decided to order one, they were gone. All one thousand kits sold out in the time it took me to make up my mind. Well, I resolved that if the kits became available again, I was absolutely ordering one. So, on the 16th when …

Cheetos and Chopsticks

I think I'm ready for my most cheerful nap ever.

I'm calling it "Cheetos and Chopsticks". All those bright oranges definitely had me craving a little powdered cheese goodness, especially while stitching down the binding. And the chopsticks? Well, how else are you supposed to eat Cheetos without getting orange fingers? I'm serious- try it. It will change your life.

Doesn't it just make you happy? Especially those cute little birdies. I had so much fun putting together the fabrics for this quilt, that I went with a really simple big patchwork so the fabric could shine.

You know what else makes me happy? The Ikea sheet I used for the backing. Hooray for not having to piece a queen size backing! Plus, I bought the whole set, so I now have a fitted sheet and pillowcases that match my quilt. It's almost like a whole grown-up bed set! Up next, maybe some matching throw pillows. And something to hang up on that big white wall above it. I'm thinking a set of

Here Comes the Sun

The weather started getting warmer and I found myself obsessed with sunhats. Obsessed. I gave in and used the Oliver+S bucket hat pattern (which is available for free here) and made three adorable reversible sunhats for my adorable little kids.

(Definitely my child.)

Bring on the summer!

Scrappy Nine Patch

A long time ago, I made a scrappy nine patch quilt. Then I gave it away. And I was a little sad to see it go. So, I vowed to make another one right away. I gathered up my leftover 2.5" squares, cut some more and slowly started sewing them together. I'd sew a few nine patches whenever I thought about it. I'd throw them in at the beginning and endings of chain piecing. I'd lose them and rediscover them. I had another kid and made a major move. And finally, around the end of last year, I realized I had enough for the top. I waited for a good sale for the sashing. Assembled the top. Then waited for another good sale on batting. Finally, I have a finished quilt- only three years and five months later.

I think it was well worth the wait. But, remember this when I post another finished quilt this week- this one took me almost three and a half years. I think it's really easy to lose touch with reality when blog reading. We see all these amazing finished crafty projects an…