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What Three Days of Sickness Gets You

So, Brendan and I have both been struck by this weird sickness. It reminds me of having morning sickness. I spent the last three days just being queasy. Never to the point of throwing up. Just feeling yucky. And the more I was up and moving around, the yuckier I felt. So, I spent three days camped out on the couch watching every episode of Stormchasers on Netflix. And crafting, of course. I seem to have a lot of handwork projects going on right now- some embroidery, some knitting for bunnies- but they were all scattered throughout the craft room. I did not feel up to searching for patterns, stitch markers or the right size needle. So, I grabbed the one thing that seemed all ready to go. My English Paper Piecing Kit.

And I got more done in three days then I've probably done in the past year.

I made six blocks from start to finish. Ok, I know six blocks in three days doesn't sound all that impressive. But keep in mind, these babies are completely hand stitched. My goal when I fi…

Two Very Long and Tedious Projects

Like I mentioned, my girls want to make quilts. And doll quilts just aren't going to cut it. They want quilts big enough to snuggle under. Quilts to enter in the county fair. They're obsessed with the idea. It's all I've heard about since school got out. So, last week I (and I fully deserve a medal for this) helped them get started.

I gave them some options-  simple patchwork, simple checkerboard. Nope. They wanted to look at one of my quilt books. So, I gave them the one I thought would least likely lead to my own emotional breakdown- Sunday Morning Quilts. I thought the scrap-using, improvisational nature of these quilts would work well with kids. They loved each and every quilt in the book. After much back and forth and mind changes, this is what they've decided on.

Ellery is making the Up, Up and Away quilt.

But with much bigger base squares and triangles. We've got a system down which is working really well for her skill and interest level. She picks a col…

Princesa Quilts

Another two quick and easy projects to add to the tally.

I completely blame these two quilts on Facebook. You know how it is with college roommates- even when you've fallen out of touch, you still love them to death. Well, thanks to Facebook, I still know exactly who's getting married, who's pregnant, and all other sorts of major life changes even if I haven't spoken to them in years. So, one former roommate is having her first baby- a little girl. And another is having her second baby- also a little girl. Now, I love baby boys and all but there is just something about baby girls that gets me. All that pink! And tiny floral prints. Awwww. Well, I started thinking about what sort of quilt I would do for those two little girls, if I just happened to have the time and money for supplies. Well, you know where that leads- searching through my favorites on Flickr and Pinterest. And then there was no stopping me. I had decided on a design and started pulling scraps and even …

A Couple of Small Projects

Maybe because it's summer. Maybe because the kids are out of school. But, I just can't seem to focus on big projects. The thought of starting a quilt just seems huge and daunting and completely out of the question. I seem to be all about easy and quick to finish little projects lately. And there's nothing wrong with that.

First up, a couple of button bracelets for my sister-in-law. They took a couple of hours one morning, including cruising Pinterest for inspiration and the trip to the store for fabric button blanks.

Quick, easy and ready for Girl's Camp.

Also, I tackled a little kid's art display area for the dining room. Definitely easy. But, I pretty much failed on the quick part. After I bought the funky wood frames and paint, they sat around cluttering up my craft room for weeks until I could work up the courage to let the kids paint them. Finally, they bugged me enough that I covered the table with paper and set them loose with paintbrushes. They still got p…

Starting the Summer Off Right

Ellery's last day of school was actually a couple of weeks ago.

It's been a great year at Head Start and she is so excited for Kindergarten next year. But the day passed with little fanfare. Anna still had a lot of school left, after all.

Anna's last day was yesterday. Since it was only a half-day, we spent the afternoon celebrating.

We took the obligatory pictures (hello, I really need to print and frame both of those pictures of my lovely girl!) and sorted through all the junk, papers and broken crayons shoved into her backpack.

We attempted (and failed) to put some pink streaks in the girls' hair with Kool-Aid. I think I watered it down too much. We're going to try again today with less water and Cherry instead of Pink Lemonade. Well, on Anna at least. Ellery was not a fan of the whole process. Obviously.

We had homemade frosting and graham crackers for a snack.

And, most importantly to Anna, we spread a quilt under our willow tree and read big books. It's…