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Quick Fix

So, sometimes in the middle of a big project, I find myself getting antsy. Anxious. I started looking at my Pinterest boards and sighing dramatically at all the other craft projects I could be working on. I start getting frustrating and angry at the long term project for taking so dang long. I know just what I need at times like this- a quick fix. Something I can get done in one sitting, get that little creative high, feel all proud of myself and then get back to work on the long term project. Last week I knew the long term project anxiousness was coming when I found myself searching rope basket tutorials. All afternoon. And most of the evening. Trust me- there is a lot of good stuff out there. It was all started by this blog post and this Creativebug class. And it went on from there-

Crochet Rope Basket
Crochet Hemp Basket
Crochet Twine Basket
DIY Rope Basket
Rope Basket
How to Sew a Fabric Bowl

Curse you, internet for being full of such time sucking crafty goodness. And thank you inter…

Monday Morning Star Count

It's still Monday morning somewhere, right? Maybe.

Anyway, it was a reasonable productive week. I attached 11 already finished blocks to the main body of the quilt.

So, it's all one big piece of quilty goodness now. I also dug into my blue scrap bins and cut all the diamonds I need for my 10 remaining blocks. I even got one block's worth basted. And did some thinking about how I want to deal with the edges. No decisions yet. The end is so close I can taste it!

I also maybe, kind of, just a little bit...cut into that stack of fabric I pulled for my next EPP project.

I consider it a gauge swatch. I was just testing it out, trying to decide exactly what size of hexagon I wanted to use so I could start shopping for paper pieces. It looks like 1.25" hexagons is the winner. 1" was just absolutely daunting. 1.5" was huge and felt like cheating. I'm planning a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt minus the plain spacer hexagons in between. Just a riotous mass …

Sam's Car Quilt

It's things like this that make we worry I'm losing touch with reality.

So, on our trip, we stopped at IKEA. The kid's play area was full so it was me with three kids in tow browsing through the giant store. We get to the kid area and my kids start climbing into the display beds. Sam finds one with car bedding and falls in love with it. He starts saying things like, "Sam's car blankie. Car blankie for Sam. Buy car blankie for Sam." over and over and over again while cuddling up with this bedding.

OK, normal person's reaction. "Hmmmm. He really likes that car blanket. Do I have enough money in my IKEA budget to buy it today?" If the answer is yes, they buy it. End of story. If they don't, they promise to think about it for Christmas or birthday or just the next time they make it to IKEA. Then they drag their kicking and screaming child away from their heart's desire.

My reaction- "Hmmmmm. He really likes that car blanket. I'm pr…

Monday Morning Star Count

Good Morning! I'm proud to report that last week I finished 4 stars.

Lovely, aren't they?

I also designed, cut, sewed, basted, quilted and bound a quilt for Samuel. In one week. But, that's another blog post.

Back to the stars. These bring my total up to 75. 75 stars completed! Only 10 more to go! 75 stars looks a little something like this-

Ten more blocks, slap some borders on and I'll have a twin sized quilt! There is the whole question of quilting, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

My goal for this week is pretty boring. See those 11 unattached blocks down the left side? Yeah, I'll be attaching those to each other and then to the body of the quilt. Plus, I've got to cut 60 blue diamonds since I am completely out.

In other news, I may have already pulled a fabric stack for my next EPP project.

OK, I definitely pulled a fabric stack for my next EPP project. And planned it all out. And priced Quilt Patis online. I'm being very good and not …

More Trip Related Crafting

I think I'm crossing over the line into crazy crafting lady territory. For example, I had an extensive crafty to-do list before my recent trip.

That's not normal, is it?

I didn't think so.

I just had to finish my mom's bunny (last blog post) so I could deliver it in person.

And then, I found out I would be sharing a room with my mom. Those old yoga pants with the big hole in the butt I use for pajamas just weren't going to cut it. So, I made myself some pajama pants. Perfectly reasonable.

And super-cute, I might add. Although, I could probably just bought a pair from Target and spent half as much.

And while I was shopping for the fabric for these, I found the perfect fabric for another wrap skirt. it. 

And then I started assessing my wardrobe and deciding what to pack. It was pretty clear I needed at least one more decent shirt. So, I used all I learned from the Alabama Studio books and made myself one.

Three days making a hand-stitched, reverse app…

Summer of the Bunnies

It's been a bunny-filled summer.

Three bunnies. Three bunny fabric dresses. Six bunny boots (definitely my least favorite part to make but the cutest once finished). Three aprons. Three bloomers. Three hooded sweaters. Three knit dresses. Two drawstring bags to hold it all. Three tiny stuffed baby bunnies.

One bunny and full set of accessories for Anna. One for Ellery and one for my mom. Right now, I am swearing never to make another bunny. Give me another month or so to forget how much work went into these beautiful little creatures and I may change my mind.

What a Week!

It has been quite the week. Prepare for cute kid picture overload.

Last Tuesday morning, we picked up a rental car (since named Bucky and much loved by my kids), packed it up, and headed off for some family reunion fun- just me and the kids. Brendan had to stay behind and work. I was really rather scared by the idea of such a long drive without another adult to help me. Really scared. Like spending the night before crying that I didn't want to go alone scared. But, I decided I really wanted to see my family so the only choice was to put on my big girl panties and make it happen.

The first day's drive (about four hours to Great-Grandma's house) gave me hope for the rest of the trip. There was no fighting and very little whining. Mostly they just zoned out, watched a movie and occasionally asked how much longer it was going to be. We stopped at IKEA along the way. AKA- the best place ever. I was looking for fabric but ended up with a doll bed, a side table, some kids plates…