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So, it's a busy week. I'm trying to finish up a bandana rag quilt and my EPP quilt top. There's school uniforms and supplies to get ready for the big day next week. There's dentist and doctor appointments. There's the county fair to attend. But, all I can think about is this.

Yep, it seems I've gone and started a new quilt. Not quite sure how that happened. This quilt has been on my Pinterest Quilting Board forever. But, for some reason last week I just had to try a couple of blocks. You know, just to see if I really liked them. Of course I did.

This quilt pushes all my buttons- bright, scrappy, stars. I am powerless to resist. So. I'm up to 8 stars (out of 88 if I'm going for twin size) and am in the process of cutting a whole pile of fabric for the others. I can't walk by the craft room without going inside to admire these beauties.

Honestly, this isn't the only quilt I've started. I've kind of got a two-quilts-in-one thing going on a…

Monday Morning Star Count

The end is so very, very near. As of right now, all 85 full blocks are finished and sewn together.

I've also finished 6 half blocks- enough to even out one side.

All I've got left to go is 6 more half blocks for the other long side and 12 individual diamonds for the other two sides. And then, just borders to add, basting, quilting and binding. I am really, really, really hoping that I have finished quilt top to show off by the final Monday Morning Star Count! Go check out everyone else's progress at Life Under Quilts!

Monday Morning Star Count

I finished my last full block!

That's 85 blocks done. 85, people! I amaze even myself. I've started work on attaching the last batch of 13 blocks to each other and the main body of the quilt.

I've decided I need 12 half blocks to even out two of the sides and 12 blue diamonds to make a fun, zig-zaggy edge on the other two sides. I would love to have those all done and the quilt ready to attach to the borders by Labor Day, but I just don't think it's going to happen. There's school uniforms to dig out of the bins in the garage and wash, new hairbows to make for that all important first day of school, bikes to ride as much as possible, school supplies to buy and label, and the fair to go to. Plus, there's a full size bandana rag quilt I really want to get done and the girls quilts to work on with them. I'm torn between wanting to relax as much as possible and wanting to squeeze in as much fun as possible before the whole school rigamarole starts again.

Ellery's Birthday Shirt

So, after I debuted my Zinnia Shirt both girls immediately started begging, pleading and demanding flower shirts of their own. I gave in and made Ellery one for her birthday.

In progress-

I think I'm getting faster. It took one movie to go from a plain white t-shirt to this. About another hour the next day to finish the cutting out and applique on a couple of leaves.

(After washing- so everythings a bit frayey)

She loves it.

Anna's already placing very specific orders for her own birthday flower shirt.

The Best Birthday Ever

Today my little Ellery turned 5. She says it was the best birthday ever. I might have to agree.

We got up early and drove a couple of hours to the zoo. It was pretty much the best zoo trip ever. It wasn't too hot. No one got sunburned. The kids had a blast and were well-behaved. No one whined, pouted or cried- including me and Brendan. It was like the miracle zoo trip. The kids were even super-cute for pictures. I mean, look at how cute these pictures are.

We got to go in the Butterfly Garden. In all my trips to the zoo, I have never gotten to go in an open Butterfly Garden. It was spectacular.

Anna adored the penguins.

We got to see a baby monkey.

And a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

It moved and roared and everything. Sam loved it. He stood there for the longest time, roaring back at it.

After the zoo, we headed to the best restaurant ever for a late lunch. Boise Fry Company.

Anna was in french fry loving heaven. So was I. Thinking about it now, I'm salivating.

Then we headed back home…

Monday Morning Star Count

Three more stars down. That makes 78 done and only 7 more to go. And they're all basted and ready to start sewing together.

My goal for this week is to sew those seven blocks, attach them all to the quilt, and decide what to do with the edges.

Check out Life Under Quilts for everyone else's amazing EPP projects!