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The State of the Craft Room- September 2013

I woke up yesterday morning and my first thought was, "I've got to do my Monday Morning Star Count!" Then I remembered there is no more Monday Morning Star Count link up. Sadness. But, I'm really excited about the things up on my design wall at the moment, so I'm sharing anyway.

First up, my new EPP project. I've started a variation of a Grandmother's Flower Garden. But, no filler hexies. Just a bunch of huge riotous flowers all crammed together. I was inspired by this quilt, even if it is machine sewn.

I've got 14 flowers so far. They just seem to be coming together so quickly! Probably because I'm using 1.5" hexagons. They're huge.

I left it draped over the couch last night. When I walked into the living room this morning, Anna and Ellery were arguing over who was going to get to sleep under it first. I told them that's a long time away. Lots and lots of hand stitching and maybe even hand quilting to go before we have to make that…

Monday Morning Star Count

Ok, ok...I know it's Wednesday. But, I wanted to wait until I had the big reveal ready. Are you ready for it? Here it is......

I finished my quilt top! My very first hand pieced quilt! All 1104 little diamonds sewn into place. Borders added. Ready for basting and quilting. You know, as soon as I have money for batting, backing and binding in my crafty budget.

Here's one with Sam so you have an idea of the size.

It measures somewhere around 60" by 90"- a pretty decent twin size. I only have one regret- I wish I had done all my blue diamonds from light fabrics. That way the stars would stand out more and the whole thing would overall be less busy. Eh. Now I know. OK, two regrets. I wished I had done a better job moving the Legos (sorry, Brendan- Lego Bricks) and the quilt from my unmade bed out of the picture. Eh.

I guess it's time to start thinking about what to do with it next. You know, other than leaving it up on my bedroom wall for the next few days so that I…

County Fair and the First Day of School

Warning- this post is essentially just a whole lot of pictures of my cute kids. A whole lot.

First off- the county fair was this past weekend. We went. We had fun.

Anna was terrified of the chickens, refused to touch a bunny, but utterly in love with the horses.

She made me take this picture.

And then, of course, Sam made me take this picture.

Ellery had to ask the owner and go first....

But Anna actually touched a horse. It was the highlight of her young life. What kind of kid is scared to touch a bunny but willing to touch a horse?

So much to see and do. We all had a blast.

Then, this morning was the first day of school.

This morning when Brendan went to wake up the girls Anna was perched on the edge of her bed practically vibrating with excitement. He had to wake up Ellery. Her response was "I think I am going to just sleep some more."

Sam insisted on laying out his clothes for the day last night when the girls where picking out theirs.

My sassy second grader.

She is so …