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My poor forgotten blog

I know, I know...not much blogging going on lately. I've gone a ton of little projects to show off. So, big general goal #1- BLOG MORE. I'm planning a lot more little, quick "this is what's going on in my life right now" sort of entries. A photo and a paragraph at least three times a week is the goal. Feel free to hold me to that.

Also, I don't think I've ever officially mentioned it here, but I love Instagram with a white hot burning passion. Follow me there for all the cute kid pictures and projects that don't make it onto the blog.

So, what's going on today? I spent the morning cleaning up the havoc that Halloween costumes, a birthday and a birthday party created in my tiny little crafty room. It was not pretty. But, now order is restored and I'm ready to get started on this-

Soon (and I do mean soon, this is an incredibly quick pattern) this will be a new dress for Anna. She's got a big event coming up on Saturday and it definitely ca…

Anna's Birthday

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but it seems I have an eight year old. Well, whether or not I agree with this whole growing up thing, I figured I should post some pictures.

Her Actual Birthday-

Breaking in the Easy Bake Oven-

The Big Birthday Bash-

Trip Related Crafting

Because I can't seem to take a trip anywhere without coming up with some project that I just have to get done and take along. Just part of the craziness that is me.

First up, our friends are having their fourth baby this winter. These are the kind of friends who might as well be family. Except that if they show up at the family reunion, Grandma's going to give them a funny look. That is, until they pull out the balloons. Anyway, I made something for the first three, there was no way I wasn't making something for this one. Plus, being able to hand deliver a gift is always preferable. So, I made a baby quilt as quickly as I could.

My inspiration was this quilt. I dove into my yellow, grey, blue and green scrap boxes and cut 2.5" squares until I was thoroughly sick of them. Then I sewed them together until I was thoroughly sick of them. And then I kept sewing. I ended up using 400 squares for a 40" by 40" quilt.

I had my doubts all along the way. Was it too br…

What a Trip!

Phew...that was a long busy weekend.


Lego Store Grand Opening Visit #1

Lunch and a visit with my Grandparents.

Visit with some of our dearest friends.

Fantastic dinner with various relatives.


Lego Store Visit #2

The Zoo (aka Sam's favorite place on earth)-


 Saying goodbye to cousins is so very hard.

Lego Store Visit #3

Then the long drive home before we could break into the Lego loot.

Yeah, I need to take more pictures! There was so much more I missed.