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I'm pretty sure she's the cutest pilgrim ever.

Yep, definitely.

It's finished!

There is nothing more thrilling than finishing a project. Thrilling and exciting and terrifying. Because, there is always that possibility that something went horribly wrong. Your math might be wrong and whole thing ends up two sizes too small. (Been there, done that). Inexplicably, one might sleeve might be two inches shorter than the other. Your knots might not be tight enough and it immediately starts to unravel. The intended recipient might hate it. There is so much that could go wrong.

 I cast off the last stitch of Anna's cardigan at about 8 o'clock last night.

I made a late night dash to the fabric store for the perfect buttons. I wove in the ends, sewed on the buttons, handwashed it and pinned it down to dry overnight- scared the entire time that something was going to go wrong.

 And, this morning, nothing had gone wrong. I unpinned it and it was a glorious thing. Exactly what I had imagined when planning on the project. I made Anna try it on. It fit just right. She g…

Ben's Story Quilt

There are so many joyous reasons to make quilts- weddings, new babies, birthdays. This is not one of those occasions, unfortunately. This is the third time I've made a quilt for a kid with cancer ( #1, #2 ) and I've pretty much come to the conclusion that cancer sucks. This one is for a three year old boy named Ben who was diagnosed with leukemia last week.

The quilt measures 60" by 60"- big enough to cuddle under but hopefully small enough that it doesn't get in the way. It has 113 different novelty fabrics. I made sure to include some of Ben's favorite things- monkeys, elephants, trains and planes.

Hopefully it can give him a little comfort when he's feeling his worst and some distraction when he's feeling restless. It can be used to play "I Spy" or to make up stories.

My favorite parts are the robot,

the B for Ben,

and the polka dot backing and bright red binding.

If you're interested in helping out Ben and his family, you can do s…

Yesterday Was A Good Day

But, am I allowed to say that I am just so relieved it's over? I almost didn't make it- birthday, a birthday party, two Halloween parties, Brendan starting rehearsals for Spamalot, parent/teacher conferences, Halloween and a baptism all within two weeks. I am looking forward to a much calmer November. I need some time to rest, recuperate, do a little bit of fall cleaning and work on some Christmas presents.

Anna's Baptism Dress

Just a quick picture to prove that Anna's dress is done- 19 hours early even. Snap sewn on and everything. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. Better pictures tomorrow on the big day. You know- with her hair actually brushed and stuff.

The pretty matching cardigan? Well, it's about here-

Six inches or so of body to go, two sleeves and button band. I think if I do nothing else but knit from now until tomorrow night, no eating, no sleeping- it still wouldn't be done. I might try finishing the body, knitting on the button band and temporarily making short sleeves so it could be wearable for church this Sunday but I'm trying to tell myself its not a big deal. There's no rush. The dress is done so now I can focus on cleaning up the house and making some food for afterward for everyone. I'm not buying it.