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Our Week in Photos

One present on Christmas Eve-

A bit of a Heads Up obsession-

Christmas Morning-

The Old Stomping Grounds-

 Hey, what's that scruffy guy doing on campus? He better have a beard card.

 The Bean Museum-

The Museum of Natural Curiosity-

It was a great week- so much so that I think it's going to take us another week to recover. My only regret is that I seem to have only taken pictures of my kids- none of them with their grandmother, great-grandmother, or playing with their cousins. I'll just have to work on that next time.

Preschool Christmas Programs are the Cutest Thing Ever

It's true. Nothing can compare. Not even kittens.

3rd Grade Roman Festival

My little girl makes a pretty good ancient Roman noblewoman.

Plus, the teachers are completely amazing for putting this all together- poetry recitations and pantomimes, a chariot race, a forum, a temple and a marketplace. And to top it all off- a feast with slaves (the parents) to wait upon them.

The First of the Christmas Presents

This one could not wait until Christmas, though. My brother requested stockings for his family. And everyone knows those have got to be hanging up by Christmas Eve at the latest.

I was inspired by a stocking pattern in issue 14 of Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.

I loved making these little fussy-cut star blocks. The cuteness is almost unbearable. I might need to do an entire Christmas quilt using blocks like these. But, first, I'm definitely going to have to add to my novelty Christmas fabric collection.

So, that's it- one family's gift already gifted, unwrapped and hung by the mantel with care.

Christmas Party

My husband's work really does throw great family parties.

Cookies made by the culinary students, Santa handing out goodies, temporary holiday tattoos, and a gym full of toys and student athletes to play with. It's pretty much my kid's idea of heaven.

A Little Extra Christmas Money

I finished a commissioned quilt this week. It's inspired by this one but will all the lovely aqua fabric I could find.

It's for a full size bed and measures 84" by 96".

Nice and big and snuggly. 
In fact, I'm having trouble keeping this little monkey out from under it. He's convinced every quilt I make is for him, though.

It's got more aqua for the backing and a lime green binding. Hopefully the teenage girl it is for likes it as much as Sam does.

The Great Thing About Crafting..... that there is always more to learn. More techniques to master. More challenges to conquer.

The past couple of weeks for me have been all about fair isle knitting. Twenty-odd years of knitting (man, I'm old) and I had never attempted any sort of stranded color-work. Crazy, huh? It had always just scared and intimidated me. Until, suddenly, a few days before Anna's birthday I decided she needed a special birthday hat to wear to school. A special birthday hat with cupcakes on it. I found this pattern, dug some leftover yarn out of the bin, and obsessively got to work.

Two days later I had a special birthday hat ready to go.

A special birthday hat with the sort of odd gaps and puckers that come with learning a new technique. Plus, the odds and ends of yarns I pulled out of the bin were primarily acrylic so there would be no blocking to fix those gaps and puckers. She may have absolutely adored it, but I just couldn't leave things there. When I learn a new technique, …

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Finishing this quilt felt like a bad breakup. It was all excitement and joy hand-quilting the last few blocks. There was a countdown. There was a happy dance when I only had one block left. 79 blocks done and only 1 left- how could I not be thrilled? But, when I finished that one last block I was left feeling devastated. Except for a little time binding, this quilt and I were through. 9 months of planning, shopping for the perfect fabrics, endless cutting and even more endless piecing, and then weeks and weeks of hand-quilting were all over. Making it worse was the feeling that this might just be the pinnacle of my craftiness. It is the best thing I have ever made. I may never be able to top this.

The colors are perfect- navy and pink spiced up with some pale, icy blues and cool greys.  Sigh.

Have I mentioned the hand-quilting. Weeks of hand-quilting. This quilt I bonded over chocolate chip cookies and episodes of Gilmore Girls. It was me and this quilt, baby. Until, suddenly, it wa…