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A Nice and Accurate Accounting

Every once in a great while someone will say something to me along the lines of, "It must be amazing to be you! You're so creative and talented. You make such wonderful things." Most of the time I answer with a quiet, polite "Thank you." Sometimes I answer truthfully- "Well, actually it's a bit crazy and overwhelming." They never believe me.

Would you like to see just how crazy and overwhelming my little hobbies can be? I thought I'd share my current list of projects.

Quilty Projects-

1. My hand-pieced star quilt. This one's been waiting since early September for me to make it through Christmas, buy batting and backing fabric, and decide how I want to quilt it. Well, I bought backing fabric and batting. I used the batting for something more important. I made it through Christmas. I bought more batting. I'm still trying to decide how to quilt it. Maybe I should just baste it and hope inspiration strikes while I'm crawling all over …

A Gift For the Breezers

So, like any mom, I would do just about anything to avoid taking all three kids along to the store with me. Currently, I try and do all my shopping at the ungodly hour of 8 am on school days so I only have to take Sam along. It's a good system. Usually he's too sleepy to do much complaining. I just give him a cup of juice and, since there is almost no one else in the store, we're in and out before he knows what's happening.

Occasionally, I will go to even greater lengths. For example, the daughter of our good friends had a party for her second birthday yesterday. All of us were invited and all my kids wanted to participate in picking out a gift. I could just imagine it- all four of us in the toy aisle of WalMart holding four different toys and arguing why our choice was the best. There would be tears. Probably mine. Not a pretty picture. So, I announced I would make something instead. All the kids told me their ideas, which I ignored and made what I wanted- a knit dol…


There's something I've been avoiding all morning. I've cleaned up the kids' rooms, made my bed, ran to the store for avocados and peanut butter cups, spent way too much time on the internet- all in an effort to avoid one thing.

I only have one line left to quilt. It is 19/20ths of the way done. It's probably only going to take half an hour and then I will be done quilting it. I don't want to be done! I have enjoyed quilting this so much. It's kept me busy during the long evenings with my husband gone at rehearsal. It's calmed me down and relaxed me when I'm stressed. It's exciting. I want to throw a little party every time I finish a row. I've gotten in the habit of leaving it stretched out somewhere so I can walk by often, pet it and admire my stitches. It's time to just buck up, turn on an episode of 30 Rock and finish this puppy. I will miss it.

Needless to say, I see more big stitch hand quilting in my future.

Selfish Crafting

I know, I know- You've all been waiting desperately to hear what I decided to do with the Sawtooth Star blocks, haven't you? Sorry to leave you hanging like that. I know what it's like to lie awake at night, wondering "What is she going to do?" I apologize for any stress and tears I have caused. Just kidding, I know no one but me really cares. But, I did make a decision. I decided to walk away from it for a little while. I also put my finger on exactly what it is I didn't like about them. It's all the fabric with white backgrounds. No matter how fun or colorful the print on them, the white was shining through and I just don't like it. So, I will probably be dividing the stack into two piles- blocks without any white background fabric and blocks with. The blocks with, I'll probably make into a quick baby quilt. The pitifully small blocks without pile will be the beginning of another quilt. There's no rush, after all- no person or event I was m…