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In The Mood For Finishing

Well, technically, I am in the mood to start something new. But, I have all this crafter's guilt that won't let me start something new until I finish some of the projects cluttering up my craft room. So, I am putting some seriously concerted effort into finishing things up.

The Cotton Candy Shrugs were the first to fall in my finishing spree. As soon as they were done, I turned almost all my attention to this quilt.

I made it as a sample for my favorite fabric store ever. The pattern is really simple and uses just one jelly roll for a 48" by 60" quilt. I dropped it off with them this afternoon for quilting, binding and displaying.

I am particularly proud of the corners. I really took my time and pinned everything to make sure they lined up precisely. 
I really, really, really want to make another one to keep but with a few Kona Cotton Roll-Ups. Maybe 4 of them for a queen size for me? Just one more thing to add to the very extensive "Things I Want To Make"…

Cotton Candy Shrugs

You know, some days you get perfectly styled, wonderfully lit photo shoots. Today, the best I could manage was silly or bored faces, after school crazy hair, a little brother desperate to be involved and rainy day lighting. Hey, you take what you can get.

I had hoped to make these by Easter so they could wear them with their other new Geranium dresses. It didn't happen and it didn't matter anyway since they refused to wear anything handmade on Easter.

It's a free pattern and super quick and easy (once I figured out just how to adjust it to fit little girls). It's definitely something that could be knit 3-4 hours.

I regret my yarn choice. I was rushing trying to get them done in time for Easter and all I could find in the right colors was some cheap acrylic. Local yarn buying options are really slim. The front bands tend to flip under and there's nothing I can do about it since you can't block acrylic. Never again!

Details on Ravelry.  Hopefully they'll want…

Just a few photos from Easter.....

It's amazing I managed to pull this holiday together at all, with a nasty stomach bug running through us all the week before. I was the mom at Target at 7 am on Saturday morning (still rather nauseous) desperately hoping to find some treats and toys still on the shelves. This is pretty much the entirety of the pictures I managed to take- all from Saturday. No pictures on Sunday morning with their baskets. No dressed in their Sunday best picture. It was a miracle that there were baskets and we made it too church. Pictures of it all was just beyond me that day.

The Best Weekend Ever

Ok, the weekend I got married was probably better, but it's a close call.

This is where I spent this weekend- sewing, chatting, laughing, eating, sewing and more sewing. It was my first ever quilting retreat and I loved every minute of it! I am so lucky to have friends who not only understand that spending the entire weekend sewing can be fun but also invite me along to do it with them. I also got to meet eight new lovely quilting obsessed ladies. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in my insanity. You'd think that after two solid days of sewing I would be burned out. But seeing everyone else's beautiful fabrics and fantastic projects has left me inspired and ready to sew some more.

I mostly worked on these-

Well, the stars. The stripes on the right belong to the uber-talented Nikke. Whenever I got sick of the stars, I sewed together scrappy 2.5" squares.

It's either going to be a big hot ugly mess or a big hot wonderful mess. Either way, I'm betting…


Man, making school uniform dresses is boring.

No fun print fabrics. No colors except tan or navy blue. No colorful embroidery around the hem to liven things up. No bright contrasting top-stitching. No fun buttons. None of the other great ideas I had for spicing these things up.

But, I do think there is beauty in the simplicity of these dresses. I used a lovely linen blend. The Geranium Dress pattern again. I added a collar (more successfully on Ellery's than on Anna's) using this tutorial. All in all, I like them very much. They adore them and absolutely thrilled to wear them to school tomorrow.

Can you tell Anna is taking her career as a model of handmade goods very seriously lately?