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The Great Outdoors Quilt

There's not always a baby in my life that needs a quilt. Sometimes, though, I've just got to make a baby quilt anyway.

They're just so appealing. It's a great quick and easy way to try out an idea without a lot of time or fabric commitment. Plus, I knew I wanted to hand-quilt this one and as the days get longer and hotter the idea of wrestling with and sweating under a huge quilt gets less and less appealing.

It started as so many new quilting projects do- I fell in love with something on the internet. In this case, an Instagram picture by Sunnyincal. A little online encouragement and suddenly I was digging into my scraps. Two weeks later, I've got a completely finished baby quilt. I could have had it done in under a week if I hadn't been so set on hand quilting.

Totally and completely worth the extra week. I'm getting pretty good at this whole big stitch hand quilting thing, if I do say so myself.

As I was pulling out scraps for this quilt, I noticed th…

A Dress For Me

Well, I took the plunge and made myself a dress. Sure, it may not look like much on the hanger- just some knit fabric and some elastic.  But, I love it on. It is the most comfortable thing I've ever worn and I happen to think I look pretty dang cute in it.

It is the softest knit ever and the perfect shade of purple. Plus, it was only 2.50 a yard on the JoAnn's clearance rack! For once it was actually cheaper to sew a dress than buy a dress. The pattern is from BurdaStyle- 04/2013 #129. It was really simple- once I downloaded the pattern, printed it, taped it all together, traced it and added seam allowances, that is. I think I spent twice as long doing that as I did actually sewing. After all that work, I feel like I should make another. Maybe a blouse this time.

Tuesday Morning Star Count

All of them. I have all of the stars.

Hand pieced, hand quilted, bound and absolutely done.

I pretty much adore the backing and binding.

Just under 35 months from start to finish. Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

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Monday Morning Star Count

This quilt has been with me for almost three years worth of playing in the backyard, road trips, family reunions and binge TV watching. Lots of other quilts have come and gone in that time. To quote one of my quilt guild members, "This is the quilt your kids are going to fight over when you die." I'm currently debating putting it into the local quilt walk in July or entering it in the county fair. It's not the most technically proficient quilt ever- I learned as I went. But, three years of effort deserves a little recognition, I think…