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I went through the same thing I do at the end of every school year- the giddiness of packing away the school uniforms swiftly followed by the "What are they going to wear now?" panic. You'd think I would learn and prepare ahead of time. Oh well.

Money's tight this month so instead of rushing to Target, I rushed to the craft room and this is what I came up with.

Ellery had a ton of bright, patterned pieces but was in desperate need of some simple, plain pieces to pair them with. I used the scraps from her Geranium School Dress to make her a pair of simple linen shorts. I was way nervous about drafting the pattern but they turned out perfect. I used this tutorial for the pockets (she loves that I used a pink flowered fabric for the inside) and this tutorial for a flat front.

Next I chopped the top off of the bigger of these two dresses, added an elastic waistband and made the skirt/petticoat thing Anna is wearing. I meant it to be a little knee-length slip for Ellery…

Monday Morning Flower Count

It's summer! The kids are out of school and constantly in the back yard. My sewing room is the hottest room in the house. So, English Paper Piecing has once again become my most enticing project. This morning I decided to count them up and it turned out to be a little more complicated than I expected.

I started this project at the end of last summer as I was wrapping up my last big EPP project. About the time of this blog post, I realized my initial fabric pull was way, way too pastel. Not suprising since I was pulling based on a favorite floral dress both girls wore then tiny. I meant it to be soft and pretty. But, as I added more flowers it just got overwhelmingly sweet and cloying and I started to hate it. So, I started over.

This time with a lot more deeper colors thrown in. And I love it. Every single block is my favorite.

Like this one made from the scraps of Anna's Geranium dress.

And this one made with another Geranium dress scrap and navy polka dots. Because, navy f…

Kindergarten Musical

So I am incredibly biased, but I do think she was the cutest Little Red Riding Hood ever to star in a kindergarten production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Plus, her teacher is absolutely amazing. Putting on a 20 minute musical starring 24 5 year olds? Twice? Amazing.  It's no wonder all my kids love her- even the one who hasn't been in her class yet.