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Mama's Got A Brand New Bag

A big trip just wouldn't be the same without an insane, last-minute craft project, right? It seems like I always come up with something at the last minute that I absolutely must make before the trip. For my family's big trip this summer, I thought it was going to be binding the giant t-shirt quilt but I actually finished that with a few days to spare. So, what did I do? I decided I absolutely had to have a new bag for the trip. Not just any bag. It had to be a Super Tote. A Super Tote in all it's interfaced, canvas layered, elastic pocketed, zippered glory. So along with all the packing and cleaning trip preparations, I made one.

On Wednesday night, I traced all the pattern pieces onto freezer paper and cut them out. On Thursday, I cut out all the many, many pieces and started sewing the straps and front pocketed panel. On Friday, I did all the rest of the sewing. I finished about 9:30 that evening and immediately packed it with all my trip necessities. On Saturday mornin…

Super Secret Surprise T-shirt Quilt

Giving someone a quilt always fills me with anxiety. How are they going to react to this gift that I've been agonizing over for months- planning, designing, debating each and every fabric choice endlessly, hours and hours and hours of cutting, sewing, and pressing. It's not an easy or small gift. Are they going to even like it? Appreciate it? Love it? What if they just hate it? Sometimes I get a reaction that makes all those hours worth it.

About a year ago, my father-in-law shipped me a big box stuffed full of t-shirts and asked me to make a quilt from them. T-shirts from his first job, deployments, plays. I spent a while paralyzed with fear- these shirts were absolutely irreplaceable. I'd never really made a t-shirt quilt before. What if I screwed it up? I read books, studied internet tutorials, debated patterns and after Christmas I finally cut into my first t-shirt. This past week I got to deliver it in person.

I made him cry. You know, in a good way.

And a few of his …

Crafting With the Kids

So what's a mom to do when it's pouring outside, the kids are bored and the middle one needs some distraction from the pain of a recently broken arm? Certainly not fold the four loads of laundry piled in the dining room, start preparing for the big trip coming up next week, or catch up on some the sleep lost during the late night surgery and hospital stay. Nope, you do your best to forget all that and come up with something to keep them entertained, or at least not actively whiny. Today we made softies, which I had been promising we would do for months.

The idea came from "Sewing School" by Andria Lisle- one of Anna's absolute favorites. I pulled out the fabric markers and white fabric I bought ages ago with this in mind. The girls planned, designed, traced and colored their dolls. Sam told me he wanted a monkey so traced a clip art one and he colored it.

The book gives instructions for hand-sewing the pieces together. I didn't think Ellery could handle that…