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Best Weekend Ever!

I got to spend the weekend at my own little bit of heaven- The Quilt Barn's Retreat Center. Seriously, what could be better than spending the whole weekend sewing with a fantastically talented, absolutely hilarious group of ladies? I should be spending the morning doing the kid's laundry and cleaning up some of the natural disaster which seems to have struck my house. Instead, I'm unpacking, looking at pictures from the retreat on Instagram and considering jumping right back in and sewing some more.

The scene of so much crafty goodness!

 This is the only thing I managed to get completely done this weekend- a teeny-tiny boxy pouch. It really is tiny! Those are my 8-year-old's hands, not mine. It took about an hour, even with much watching and rewatching of the video. Which, is a good thing because my girls are already fighting over this one I made for myself. Looks like I need to buy some more small zippers.

I did get a lot done this weekend, just nothing else absolute…