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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Finishing this quilt felt like a bad breakup. It was all excitement and joy hand-quilting the last few blocks. There was a countdown. There was a happy dance when I only had one block left. 79 blocks done and only 1 left- how could I not be thrilled? But, when I finished that one last block I was left feeling devastated. Except for a little time binding, this quilt and I were through. 9 months of planning, shopping for the perfect fabrics, endless cutting and even more endless piecing, and then weeks and weeks of hand-quilting were all over. Making it worse was the feeling that this might just be the pinnacle of my craftiness. It is the best thing I have ever made. I may never be able to top this.

The colors are perfect- navy and pink spiced up with some pale, icy blues and cool greys.  Sigh.

Have I mentioned the hand-quilting. Weeks of hand-quilting. This quilt I bonded over chocolate chip cookies and episodes of Gilmore Girls. It was me and this quilt, baby. Until, suddenly, it wa…

O Happy Day

After two months of evaluations and paperwork, this irrepressible, funny, never-still little man is currently at his very first day of preschool. He walked right in and announced, "My name Sam and this my mom, Trina. " He gave me a kiss and headed off to play without a backward glance.

I celebrated by taking a walk at my own pace, eating a cookie without sharing and writing this blog post without worrying about what in my house was being destroyed.

I'm sure that tomorrow the house will probably seem too quiet and still. I'll miss my little buddy and his stories. But, today, I'm going to celebrate a little more. Maybe I'll watch some TV that doesn't involve cartoon characters.