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Pink Productive Weekend

Last weekend I got to go away with some fantastic ladies and spend the whole long weekend sewing. Even though a stomach flu meant I had to bail for a day, I still got so much done and had an amazing time. It wasn't until the last day that I realized that everything I brought to work on was pink.

Pink baby girl quilt-

I guess after this quilt, I just wasn't done with plus quilts. Truthfully, I'm still not sure I'm done with them. There may still be a third in my future- one to keep.

I went to the retreat with the blocks done. I spent the first day sewing together the blocks, basting, quilting and attaching binding.

Yet Another Super Tote-

I love my Super Tote. Love it. It is perfect for traveling. It holds my wallet, a planner, a knitting project, a book, my big camera and an iPad comfortably. But, I don't have to carry all that around everyday. I needed something just a little bit smaller. So, I used the same pattern but just printed it out at 85%. Except the stra…

Handmade Christmas Wrap-Up

I can't believe Christmas is over. Between the whole family getting the flu, school programs, 3/5ths of the family in a play and traveling, I feel like I just missed so much of the Christmas season. I missed singing the Christmas carols in church almost completely. We never made and decorated sugar cookies. We only watched The Muppet Christmas Carol three times. I never once had hot cocoa with marshmallows and a candy cane while sitting next to the Christmas tree. But, the parts of Christmas I did catch in between the coughing, the rehearsals, and the packing were pretty amazing. So I guess I can't complain.

But, Christmas can't truly be over until I've done a round-up of the handmade presents from this year. Otherwise by the time next Christmas rolls around I will have forgotten who I gave what.

You've already seen the commissioned quilt and the stockings. You've also already seen Anna's handmade gift- the Putnam County Quilt.

She loved it. She has slept…