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Searching For My Sewing Mojo

Still working on re-finding my creative confidence. I'm just second and third guessing every single decision. I don't trust my fabric or color or pattern choices right now. So, I'm relying on decisions I made before I fell apart crafty-wise.

I grabbed an already chosen stack of fabric and made a much-needed new dress for Anna. This kid just needs to stop growing up.

Yet another Geranium. Why not stick with a good thing? Size 8 with two inches of length added to the bodice and six inches added to the skirt. I should have made a size 6 with added length. She's just so tall and slender. But, she also looks adorable in absolutely anything so the extra width isn't really a  problem. I went so far as to make her a matching bracelet and buy her matching shoes because that's just the sort of thing she loves right now.

The bodice is actually a metallic print- another thing that makes her little nine-year-old heart happy. The blue with her blue eyes makes my mama heart…


Yesterday, Yarn Harlot blogged about Reverse Midas Touch. As I read, I slowly came to a realization- I have RMT. There is no denying it. Lately every single crafty thing I touch (and quite a few non-crafty things) turns to utter crap.

First up, there was my final Christmas present. Delayed by sickness and other stresses, I finally quilted and bound it. Everything was looking great.

 Until I washed it, as I always do before gifting quilts. And the color catchers I threw in with it came out deep, deep pink. So, I washed it again- still bright pink. And again- bright pink. And the white fabric seems to have become just the palest, palest pink. I don't know if it's something I pulled out of the third-hand bag of mystery scraps or the cheap border fabric. Either way, it's just not something I can give as a gift. Especially not to it's intended recipient. So, I'll be keeping it. And buying another box of color catchers.

Only slightly daunted by that disappointment,  I…