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Yesterday, Yarn Harlot blogged about Reverse Midas Touch. As I read, I slowly came to a realization- I have RMT. There is no denying it. Lately every single crafty thing I touch (and quite a few non-crafty things) turns to utter crap.

First up, there was my final Christmas present. Delayed by sickness and other stresses, I finally quilted and bound it. Everything was looking great.

 Until I washed it, as I always do before gifting quilts. And the color catchers I threw in with it came out deep, deep pink. So, I washed it again- still bright pink. And again- bright pink. And the white fabric seems to have become just the palest, palest pink. I don't know if it's something I pulled out of the third-hand bag of mystery scraps or the cheap border fabric. Either way, it's just not something I can give as a gift. Especially not to it's intended recipient. So, I'll be keeping it. And buying another box of color catchers.

Only slightly daunted by that disappointment,  I moved onto something else. Just some nice simple patchwork. Something relaxing and very, very hard to screw up.

Maybe I'm just being too critical. While not actually screwed up, it is still disappointing. It is just no where near as cute as I imagined it.

 I just don't like it. Which is sad, because there is the last of some of my favorite fabrics in there. I think my problem is the low volume fabrics- there's just too much and it's making the whole quilt kind of blah. I think the easiest fix would have been to checkerboard my lights and darks. That would have definitely been more interesting visually than this hot mess. Oh well. I'm going to quilt and bind it anyway and give it to my son. He will adore it, even if I don't.

So, after yet another disappointment, I decided to switch crafts. Knitting's my homeboy. Knitting's never let me down.

Oh, yes, it has.

My husband listed warm and wooly socks as a possible Christmas present. Way too close to Christmas to actually get them done. But, I cast them on anyway and worked on them basically whenever we were sitting around watching T.V.  Recently I realized they would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift and started knitting the heck out of them. Now, I noticed a while ago, I had turned one of my cables the wrong way- probably during some hilarious episode of Community. I decided this was something I could live with and kept on knitting.

See- a turn where it should be a twist. No big deal.

Today, I grafted the final stitches together, weaved in my ends, put the two socks together so I could admire their finished glory, and realized one sock was half an inch shorted than the other.

Crap. I keep telling myself that it doesn't really matter. He'll never be able to tell. They'll still be warm and cozy.

But, I'll know. And I'll think about it every single time he wears them.

So, that's it. Every single thing I have worked on in 2015 is crap. Is the entire year going to be cursed? Should I just renounce my craftiness now and take up birdwatching instead? I think I'm going to give it one more shot. I've got a pattern I've already made multiple times, some scrumptious fabric, and a girl in desperate need of some longer dresses before church on Sunday. Wish me luck.


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