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Variations On a Theme

Two quilts in shades of blue and green- off the shelf of shame and ready to head out into the world.

First up is a Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt.

It measures 60" by 60" and is stuffed with bright aquas, greens and whites. I saw several quilts online using the same color or fabric down the center of the block and pretty much loved them. I used a single grey fabric for the center of each of my blocks. How much of it I had determined the size of the quilt. I pretty much love how it turned out.

It's backed with this gray and white print and bound with teal polka-dots.

I also finished up this simple patchwork quilt. It measures 60" by 80".

It's pretty much the same color palette but with some darker navys and teals added in.

I adore the backing and binding on this one. They pretty much make the entire quilt for me- white with navy pluses bound with a navy and white polka dot. Love it!

My shelf of shame is now just a little bit less shameful.