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Double Whammy

Sometimes I wait for a sale to buy batting. Or wait until the next paycheck to buy backing because I've already blown my crafty budget for the month. So, while it may look like I've just whipped out two quilts right in a row, this is not the case. I've been working on these two quilts off and on for over a two years. One just sat around for a while as a finished quilt top while I waited to buy batting. Then it sat around waiting for a time where my husband was home, it was light out and it was not raining so that I could photograph it. That took a while. And while I was waiting for that auspicious convergence of events, I finished up the other quilt.

First finished was my Scrap Jar Stars quilt. Last summer my quilt guild did a block exchange with these blocks. I made 12 yellow stars and traded 11 of them away for 11 other colors. It would have made a decent sized baby quilt but there are no babies left at my house and I knew this was one I was going to want to keep. So, …

The Thing About Hobbies

The thing about a good hobby is it can be whatever you need it to be. Relaxing, engaging, social, anti-social, meditative, challenging- a great hobby will cover the entire spectrum. Sewing is this way for me. When I need calm, I can pick up my hand-stitching and just be quiet with my thoughts for a while. When I need some social interaction, I get together with my quilty friends and talk late into the night while we stitch. When I need to just get away from my own thoughts for a while, I can try out something devilishly hard which only leaves room for thoughts like, "Four zippers! Seriously, why did I pick a project with four zippers. " This week I definitely needed that sort of distracting project.

Pattern: Sew Together Bag by SewDemented
I could not have done it without the excellent photos and instructions posted in the Quilt Barn's Sew-A-Long. Thanks, Heather!
My two regrets- that I didn't go with an orange binding instead of the gray and that I let my kids se…