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Monday Afternoon Flower Count

It must be summer because I've pulled out the hand-stitching. For me, cold weather is all about quilting by hand or knitting. In summer, English Paper Piecing rules. It's portable- perfect for mornings at the park and afternoons doing workbooks at the kitchen table. Most importantly, it doesn't involve a lap full of sweaty yarn or yards of fabric.

I'm back to working on my hexie flowers quilt. I've been calling my Grandfather's Flower Garden quilt. I've got 37 flowers attached into a big blob and another 16 ready to attach. I'm just not sure how to go about turning this blob into a rectangle. Maybe I'll get brave and try and throw a corner on there this week. Maybe not. 

There's no real plan on this one. I'll just keep adding flowers until I think it's big enough. Or another project entices me away.

My helpers were not to excited about going outside to take quilt pictures in the middle of the afternoon. Good thing they're still ad…

Weekend in Utah

So, we just got back from a quick weekend trip to Utah. Buckle up and get ready for cute kid picture overload.

First up- an awesome splash pad.

Also known as Kid Heaven.

And then, since we happened to be right down the road, we decided to drop in on an old friend. A friend who just happens to be spending his summer building the 7 ancient and 7 modern wonders of the world out of balloons. And attempting to break a world record. No, seriously.  Check out some info here, here, and here. And then go check out the exhibit if you're nearby. It is amazing. Brendan has helped with some big projects before so he tied together a couple of balloons so that he could say he helped with this one also.

Luckily our visit happened to coincide with his wife and kids dropping off some more balloons so our kids got to spend a little time with their oldest friends.

I have so many pictures of these two together- starting when they were both tiny babies. No matter how long it's been since they…

Quilts to Donate

I never thought I would made quilts to donate to a hospital. I don't know why not. Maybe I thought there were things that would be more necessary for someone in a hospital. Maybe because quilts and color and pattern are such a personal thing and the odds of the quilt ending up with a person who truly loved it were slim. Maybe I just couldn't see spending that much time on something just to give it away. Probably all of the above.

But two things have changed my mind.

Last summer my sweet little Ellery broke her arm. She had to have surgery to place some pins in her arms. She was five and hurting and terrified. When she checked in to the hospital, she found a quilt waiting for her on her bed. And it helped, it really did. She loved it then and she still sleeps with every night.

(That's it- folded over so just the back is showing.)

(And the top with both girls sitting on it.)

The girl's school requires it's students to do a service project every summer. Ellery decide…

School's Out!

Where exactly did the past nine months go? Wasn't it just barely the first day of school? There is no denying it- today was the last day of school. It's been a good year.

The girls both had fantastic teachers. They also had great friends and lots of fun.

Most of all, they had each other. I love that they were so excited to see each other in the halls and at lunch and that they chose to play together so much at recess. Next year they will have different lunches and recesses. They're already a bit sad about that. 

We celebrated the end of a great year and report cards full of As by poking some holes in their heads. Anna's been begging for pierced ears for a while but I thought we could handle the three times a day cleanings and twistings better in the summer. So, we headed straight to the mall after I picked them up today. They were a little nervous but brave. Also, I just could not resist the floral headbands. How stinking cute are they? I may be heading back for more…