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Simple Skirts

It's getting dangerous to take my girl's to the fabric store with me. It's easy to say no to the ugly stuff- the spangles and cheaply made and characters. It's a lot harder to say no to the good stuff. Especially when they find stuff that I really like.

My mom and I made the mistake of taking them along with us to Harmony during a recent trip to Provo, Utah. Ellery feel head over heels in love with this floral print. Anna went into raptures over the matroyshkas. And I ended up buying them both because I loved them too.

It took about an hour between dinner and bedtime last night to quickly sew both skirts. Super simple. I basically used this pattern with a large contrast band rather than the ribbon.

I love projects like this- quick, easy, supremely cute. They're happy. I'm happy.

Two More Quilts

Clearing out the Shelf of Shame is great! I look like such a speedy quilter. Probably because at least half the work was done years ago. But, these are finishes number 5 and 6 since May!

First up, a little bit scrappy delightfulness.

I don't know when I started this. Last spring? Maybe? Anyway, it's been my leaders and enders project for a long time now. Everytime I was starting or ending a big bunch of chain piecing, I'd grab a couple of 2.5" scrap squares and sew them together. I only stopped when I started running out of red, yellow and orange squares. It ended up being 64" square. I have decided that's the perfect size to become our designated picnic quilt.  

The kids talked me into the bright orange binding. I was iffy but now I kind of love it.

It's a good size for lounging in the shade.

Or for this kid to snuggle up in. She doesn't care that it's July and 90 degrees outside. If she sees a quilt she must wrap up in it.

After tackling that m…

Photos From Illinois

(Click here to see a picture of Ellery at the exact same spot almost six years ago. The cuteness is almost unbearable.)