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Mine, All Mine!

After dropping the kids off at school this morning, I went back to bed and slept another two hours. Might have been a lot of restless night catching up with me. Might be coming down with something. Might just have been the utter deliciousness of this quilt waiting there for me. A photo posted by trinasdoings (@trinasdoings) on Sep 23, 2015 at 11:58am PDT
There's a new quilt on my bed! This is something that does not happen often enough. Sure, I make a lot of quilts, but this is only the fourth quilt ever I have made for my own bed. Let me tell you, it feels awesome!

According to Instagram, I made my first tester blocks for this quilt 13 weeks ago. Those sat on the design wall. Then about 7 weeks ago I seriously started working on this quilt and this quilt only. 7 weeks! That's got to be some sort of land speed record for a queen size quilt. It definitely is for me.

The secret to my speediness- I didn't quilt it. After I had the top all done I took it to the lovely Heather…

First Day of School!

Fourth Grade-

(Looks like I need to get busy knitting a new sweater!)

Second Grade-


I cried after dropping off the girls for their first days of kindergarten. No tears for Sam. Just worries. I hope my stubborn, independent boy does OK. I hope he finds friends. I hope he sits still and listens long enough to learn something. I hope he doesn't drive his teacher absolutely crazy.

And now I'm going to take a shower without anyone barging in demanding chocolate milk. It's going to be great.