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Halloween 2015

Sheesh. I think I'm going to need a week to recover.

Friday night we carved pumpkins and watched Halloween movies.

Saturday morning we went to the Farmer's Market for some fun Halloween activities.

Or, activities that sounded fun until you actually try to do them with three children.

After that, we fulfilled one of Anna's lifelong wishes.

Not the most graceful mount ever.

Sure, it was only a couple of laps around a farm stand set up in a vacant lot between a bank and a gas station. But, to her, it was the best thing ever.

Ellery loved it too.

Sam went from "I don't want to fall off!" to yelling "Giddyup" in about five seconds flat.

Then we came home for lunch and a little rest. Which turned into lunch and playing in the neighbor kids' backyard. 

Finally, it was time to put on costumes.

Sam wanted to be a spooky ghost. A costume that only takes a $4 sheet, about 10 minutes of sewing, and a 30 second face paint job? I was all over that.

Ellery …

Birthday Dresses

I'm incredibly lucky. Not only is she not rolling her eyes at the idea of something handmade, she actually requested that I make her a dress for her 10th birthday. Of course I will, baby girl. Because I've only got so long until the eye-rolling and torturous trips to the mall begin. And, because she suddenly outgrew every dress in her closet, I made her two.

First up, another Geranium Dress. I think this is number 7. Maybe number 8. I don't know. All I know is that it's a great pattern and I'm going to keep making it as long as they still fit in the size range. Then I'll probably start making them Washi dresses.

I made a few adjustments. It's a size 8 with an extra inch added to the bodice and 2 extra inches added to the skirt. Always necessary for my tall, skinny girl. I also added a simple ribbon tie around the waist.

I'm in love with this heart print fabric I found at JoAnn's. So much so that I ignored her request for an aqua dress and bought t…

A Decade

It's hard to believe that tomorrow it will be ten years. Ten years since this little girl entered our life. It was probably her last birthday full of little girl things- dress-up clothes, dolls, books, fairies, dresses and more books. She asked for but did not get an MP3 player. Maybe for Christmas. She and her friends tried out talking about boys while they ate their pizza. I'm stuck between wishing she would stop growing up so fast and being really excited to see the person she is becoming.

Twin Leaf Lace Cowl

Alright, folks....I'm recommitting to the blog. But, not for the sake of my few readers (hi, mom!) but for my own sake. Too many of my projects are getting a quick 15 seconds of fame on Instagram and nothing else. And, Instagram, while great for showing others what I am making right then kind of sucks as an archive. My blog is a great personal record for me. It's where I turn when I have questions like, "What exactly did I make them for Christmas three years ago?" and "What yarn did I use to make Anna's absolute favorite sweater?" and "My babies were the cutest babies of all time, right?". To find the answers to questions like that on Instagram I'd either have to remember what funny hashtag I came up with that day (yeah, right) or do a whole lot of scrolling. So, long story not so short- more blogging. Hold me to it.

First up, a recently finished project.

My mom fell in love with a shop sample while we were shopping together at Harmony th…