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I Guess Snow's Not All Bad

Most of the time I curse the snow. Sometimes, though, I go begrudgingly to take out the trash and it smacks me over the head with how beautiful it is. So I end up standing outside in 6 degree weather, without a coat, taking pictures of my trash can lid. Pretty little snowflakes.

Supreme cuteness

While I still maintain that preschool Christmas programs are indeed the cutest thing ever, kindergarten Thanksgiving programs rank really high on the cuteness scale as well. There's not much that can compete with construction paper hats and paper bag costumes. Maybe hedgehogs taking a bath. Nah, that's still third in the supreme cuteness rankings. I mean, just look at this-

The cuteness is almost too much to handle.

Quilts for Babies!

I know I've said it before, but I will say it again- I love making baby quilts! So quick and fun and full of sweetness. They make me squeal. Really. I finished these up a couple of months ago, but just handed them over the the expectant moms today so I can finally share them.

First up, a simple 9 patch full of girly fabrics. I liked the nine patches. Then I added the polka-dot sashing and fell head over heels in love. Seriously, grey polka-dot sashing. I may need to make a bigger version of this quilt to keep for myself.

Next up, a sweet spectrum quilt for another soon-to-arrive baby girl. Inspired by this one.

Looking at these pictures, I kind of like how everything is linked together. The leftover sashing from the first quilt became the binding on the second. Some of the scraps of the butterfly dress Ellery is wearing above made it into a pictured block in the first quilt. The quilt on my bed right now and the second quilt have the same backing. Both quilts have scraps from t…

Staying Warm

Every year, about the time we rake up the first fallen leaves, I have a minor crafting freak-out. Winter is coming, people! And it's going to be cold and dark and last a really long time. Did I mention it's going to be cold? Really, really cold? Any in-progress project gets set aside for a frantic crafting of warm things. This years freak-out tally- two hats and a quilt.

These don't belong to anyone in particular. I made them to toss into the communal box of warm, wooly things. Thanks to stretchiness, pretty much anyone in the family can wear either of them. Sam has taken to wearing the polka-dot one to bed. Guess I need to make another one in a less girly colorway.

Pattern- Polka Knot Hat. A quick and fun knit. I did cause myself some grief by choosing a cheap mystery yarn from the bottom of my stash that had absolutely no stretch at all. It made those knots pretty hard to do. Also, I want a pompom maker, desperately.

Pattern- Buck's Hat. Great pattern. Unfortunatel…