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Christmas in 14 Photos

Many, many games played-

 Heading out for Christmas Eve dinner-

And Grandpa's birthday-

One of the best meals of my life at The Melting Pot-

Followed by a little walk downtown with hundreds of other people (not pictured)-

Christmas morning-

Freezing our butts off at Utah Olympic Park-


More Squeee-

Ellery being really impressed by the art museum-

Sam being not so impressed by the art museum-

And my goal for 2016 is now to pull out my real camera more. There was so much more that I just didn't bother to get a picture of. And the few real camera photos are all kinds of better.

School Programs

Whew....It's been a busy week.

4th Grade Medieval Festival-

(She's jousting.)

Kindergarten- 2nd Grade Showcase

Plus there's been dress rehearsals and performances of A Christmas Carol for my husband every single night, a nasty lingering cold and missed school for Ellery, the second week of a new job for my husband, and all the normal making Christmas craziness. I am so taking a nap tomorrow. And then making some more Christmas.