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The Benefits of Not Having a Local Yarn Store

I'm a bit of an impulsive crafter. I'll carry around an idea in the back of my mind for quite a while, mulling it over, considering the possiblities. But, one day something will snap and all of a sudden I have to start something right that second.

For example, I started thinking that I need to knit Anna a new sweater when things started getting a little chilly in September. I brainstormed a few ideas, looked at a few patterns, and then forgot about it while I worked on Christmas presents. I thought about it again right after I finished the final Christmas present. I spent the next few weeks thinking about options, looking at more patterns, looking at potential yarns.

Monday, I looked at my daughter- wearing her two year old sweater.

(How it used to fit, in case you're curious. And, seriously- this kid just keeps getting taller!)

She refuses to stop wearing it. She refuses to go shopping for a new sweater. She's got other sweaters but she doesn't love them like she…


I knit some cute little hats for a friend's baby, washed them, blocked them, delivered them, and then completely forgot about them. When I was going through pictures on my phone, I had a "what the heck is that?" moment. Even though it had only been a week. See, you think this blog is for you, the reader. But, actually, it's for my sake. If I don't blog it, it's like it never even happened.

The sweetness of those hearts just about kills me.

This one is not just another picture of the heart hat. I thought it would be an absolute shame if the baby outgrew the heart hat before Valentine's Day. So, I knit a bigger one also- just in case.

Pattern and yarn information can be found on my Ravelry project page.

A Dozen Zippers

Ever since I made my Sew Together Bag and filled it up with art supplies, Ellery has been coveting it. She'll come into my room, actually hug the bag, give me puppy dog eyes, and ask, "Will you make me one......pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?". So, I decided to make her one for Christmas. Well that didn't happen. So, I decided to make her one after Christmas. And, I might as well go ahead and make one for Anna also while I'm at it. And, why not make one for Anna's best friend's birthday, too?

This week I have been a one-woman Sew Together Bag assembly line.

There are 12 zippers that picture, people. 12. I don't like sewing zippers. No one likes sewing zippers. But, I did it.

For Anna's Star Wars fanatic best friend-

I had a hard time letting this one go. The blueprint fabric? The R2D2's inside the pockets? I love it.

For Anna-

Extreme amounts of girlyness for my girly-girl. Tbe outside butterfly is from my friend Mary's stash. No idea what…

Handmade Christmas

Because, if I don't make an accounting, I will never remember who got what.

The Hats-

Disney Fanatic Hat

Norwegian Star Hat 

 Exeter Hat

The Monsters-


Toothy Joe

The Quilty-

Table-runner for my mom. Tutorial here.

A throw quilt for my grandparents. It seems I really love blueirishchains. And the color blue in general. I didn't really plan so much blue this Christmas. It started with my mom's table-runner to match some decorative stuff in her kitchen. Then the scraps from that went into the quilt. Then there were some mentions of blue as a favorite color. Next thing I know, it's a blue themed Christmas.

In all the general insanity of finishing things up and getting things packed and shipped, I actually didn't get pictures of everything. There's another hat (not blue!), two dresses (both blue), and a whole bunch of Christmas pillowcases for my kids and their cousins (some blue, most not).

I'm off to go work on something selfish- something just for me. Onc…