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The Big Reveal

A little more than a year after starting it, my Granny Square quilt is done.

It was started with all the scraps from a quilt I made for my older daughter. It's meant for my younger daughter showing off her belly up there. So they can have not-matching but still coordinating quilts for their shared room. She doesn't know that yet. I'm saving it for her birthday. My little blankie-loving girl is going to be so excited.

Blue Elephant Stitches' original granny square tutorial can be found here. I used Bee In My Bonnet's Great Granny Squared adaptation.

The hand quilting makes me so happy. I love it. I love it. I love it.

They seem pretty fond of it also.

And the iron vomit stain?

I am pleased to say that with pre-treating, OxyClean, and two wash cycles- it came out. Mostly. There's still the tiniest bit of discoloration that you really have to search for to see. Just enough to remind me face my problems immediately. But not enough that it's all I see when I lo…

A Day of Reckoning

I finished the last bit of binding on my newest quilt last night. It should be a moment of joy and gladness, right? Nope. It's a moment of fear and sadness, folks. All because of this-

Terrifying, isn't it? Let's take a closer look.


About a year ago, I was just starting a new quilt. I used an unfamiliar iron at a sew day or retreat or something. And it vomited rusty, filthy water onto my quilt block. It would have maybe taken half an hour to unpick a couple of seams and replace those two dirty squares of fabric. Half an hour, use a different iron and I would have been done with it. No more fear. No more anxiety. But, I'm not the sort of person to confront my problems head on. I'm the kind of person who likes to ignore my problems and hope that they go away. Hasn't worked for me ever but I'm not ready to give up on the strategy yet. I thought, "I'm sure that will wash out." and tossed it onto the small stack of finished blocks.

I h…

Slow Stitching

I blame all the quick deadline frenzied sewing for Christmas. Or maybe I just need the quiet and calm right now. But either way, I've barely touched my sewing machine this year. I think it misses me. I've been obsessed with hand work instead. First was Anna's sweater.

Before it was even done, I started obsessively hand quilting.

This quilt top has been finished since late July probably. It's been basted since November. But, all of a sudden- quilting it by hand seemed the most important thing in the world.

I invariably get all excited at the beginning of a hand quilting project. I start thinking things like, "I should hand quilt everything from now on!" Well, two weeks later or so and I still have some of that excitement. I'm not still thinking I should hand quilt everything. That's crazy talk. But, I should definitely hand quilt more. I enjoy doing it. I love the look of big stitch handquilting. And I love how much more drape and softness a hand quilt…

A New Sweater For Anna

Done and done.

I knit like the wind because, after my last post, I think we can all agree that a new sweater was desperately needed. And because my husband's in a play right now. So lots of quiet evenings knitting and watching Netflix. All in all, it two and a half weeks. Three weeks if you count the time I spent waiting for yarn to arrive.

It's loosely based on a shrug with embroidered flowers I saw on display at a yarn shop. Embroidering the flowers without a pattern was absolutely terrifying. But, I think they turned out OK. And, most importantly, Anna loves them.

The pattern is Little Miss Rainbow (without the rainbow, of course). I think it's a beautiful pattern. I just love the basic shape and details. It's a size 8 around but a size 12 in length. More details on Ravelry.

I might have to start another one right away. This time for Ellery and with the rainbow.