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Little Miss Rainbow

Finishing a handknit sweater at the end of May can be a little depressing. You put all sorts of time and effort into something just to fold it away in a drawer for months and months. You wonder if it will still even fit by the time the first frost rolls around.
Not so when that sweater is for Ellery.  

Ellery likes being warm. Very much so. Her bed currently has two quilts and a blanket on it and she still tries to sneak all the living room quilts into her room at night. She's rarely without a sweater or coat on. She wants to climb into your lap and cuddle under a quilt even on the hottest days of summer.

So what if it's almost June and 80 degrees outside? She's still going to wear this sweater. A lot.

 The pattern is the same one I used for Anna's sweater- Little Miss Rainbow. Obviously, it'a winner. Great details. Great lines. Well-written.
All the nitty-gritty details can be found on Ravelry

 I love this picture too much not to include it. Sure, it's n…

April Quilts

April was a hard month. Lots of reminders. But, I tried to keep in mind most of all the help we got in those impossible days last April when my little brother died. Every time we turned around someone was feeding us, or running errands, or dropping every thing to just sit with us a while.  The one that touched me the most was when two women from church brought over food for everyone right before the viewing. These were women I had known for a long time. And I knew their own struggles. One had lost one of her own little brothers in Iraq and her mother to cancer. The other lost her young son to cancer. They had their own sorrows and struggles. Yet, there they were with taco salad and cakes when we struggling. And having them there, standing in the kitchen and just talking about normal things, helped me to realize that life is hard and it hurts like hell sometimes. But, we can do hard things. We can keep going. Especially when we have help.

So, I spent April making my own version of tac…