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Fort Tryon Wrap

I have made what is quite possible the softest, smooshiest thing ever.

Even though it's August and 90 degrees outside, my girls are fighting over who gets to wrap up in this oversized scarf/wrap thingie. That's how soft it is.

As usual, all the details are over on Ravelry.

Teeny-Tiny Mermaids

I have a goal to give one handmade gift to my kids every birthday and Christmas. Now, it's something they love. I'm sure I'll reevaluate once they start complaining about mom's crazy homemade presents.

This year I made a trio of teeny-tiny mermaids for Ellery.

The pattern is from the book Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec. My kids adore this book. They steal it from my crafty room and flip through it for hours. I figured it was high time I actually made them something from it.

She's named them Ellie, Eleanor and Ellery. She's got a bit of a George Foreman complex. She names everything after herself.

They were such a quick, fun knit (other than thinking I was going to break my needles because I was knitting so tight). I think I might be addicted. I think these mermaids might need some dolphin and fishy friends.

Happy 8th Birthday Ellery

It's kind of become a bit of family lore that Ellery's birthday is cursed. The actual day of her birth was ok, although it did require major surgery for me and we both slept alot. Her first birthday was spent at Great-grandma's because we were homeless (well, between apartments) and she had a fever and a rash. Her second birthday was right in the middle of our massive move to Idaho- no party, no pictures. I think there was cake, at least. Her third, fourth, and fifth were great. She broke her arm just a few days before her sixth birthday. That left us scrambling for something to do other than our planned swimming trip. And last year on her seventh birthday, Sam got his tonsils out. It was the only day his doctor could do it before school started. There were presents and cake but it was still a pretty rotten birthday. So, the good birthdays and the rotten birthdays are about tied.

Today goes down as a good one- no drama, no hospitalizations, no sicknesses. Just friends, pr…