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The Big 1 - 1

So hard to believe that she's 11.She's been counting down to this day for months, though.

We didn't really do a birthday party. More just a birthday playdate with her closest friends- "the gang," as they are fond of calling themselves. I'm glad she's got such a great group of friends.

More on the pillow and gloves tomorrow.

She says it's the best birthday ever. The rainbow appearing right as she blew out the candles pretty much cinched that. There's no way I'm beating that next year.

Two Timely Finishes

Autumn has definitely arrived- complete with chilly weather, falling leaves and pumpkin everything. So staying warm and getting spooky have quickly become my crafty priorities.

I finished my second ever project on my Cricket Loom- a really wide and really long plaid scarf. My husband claimed it as his own before it was even off the loom.

It has it's flaws. The end definitely looks a lot better than the beginning. But it looks pretty smashing on him and will definitely keep him warm.

As far as getting spooky goes, I actually finished a Halloween wallhanging.

I started about three different Halloween wall-hangings last year and somehow ended up with a Halloween quilt. It was worth the wait, though, because I absolutely love this one.

The pattern is Swoon by Thimbleblossoms. Except I made my blocks half-size.

Now I'm debating all sorts of warm or spooky potential projects. Pumpkin throw pillows for the couch? A new scarf on the loom? Gnome mittens for me? A long overdue sweate…