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Once upon a time when I only had one child, I committed to making one handmade gift every birthday and Christmas. Craziness. Now with three children, that's six homemade gifts every single year- three of them at the same time. It can be overwhelming. But it gives me time to focus on each kid individually- what they need, what they like, what they love. Honestly, I thought I would have given up long ago. Too much time, too much effort, too much kids preferring store-bought and flashy. But, they seem to still love the things I make them so I will continue putting way too much effort and time into a handmade gift just for them.

Or sometimes two when I just can't decide.

Anna has always been devoted to strawberries. Even when she was a ferociously picky preschooler. Some summers she lived on strawberries and pepperoni.

The Strawberry Pillow is based off of several Strawberry quilts I saw pop up on Instagram. It's a variation of this free pattern. It doesn't take much rear…

Halloween 2016

It's been a very busy three days.

Their school's Fall Fling-

The church's Trunk or Treat-

And actual, real Halloween-

Sam the Thief-

His nemesis, Anna the Detective-

Ellery as Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle. But, the book. Not the movie. She was very adamant about that.

Anna wanted a detective pumpkin so she got Sherlock Holmes. Ellery's is the cat bus from My Neighbor Totoro. And, Sam- well, Sam wanted a duck. Because ducks like rain and it rains a lot in the fall. That kid definitely thinks outside the box. It got a whole lot of compliments from trick or treaters and their parents.