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Snowbound Crafties

I know, I lose some of my right to complain about winter weather by willingly living in Idaho. But, this winter is bad. Easily the worst one since we moved here six years ago. I try and look on the bright side (yea, plenty of water!) but I am just not a winter lover. After weeks of either snow, freezing rain or extremely low temperatures- I am feeling a little anxious and trapped. And there's another snowstorm predicted to begin tomorrow. I'm trying to avoid panicking (This winter is never going to end!) by focusing on the cozy and the crafty. I've stocked up on hot chocolate and candles. I've piled up plenty of cozy quilts all over the place. Heaven knows we have plenty of those. I ordered sweatshirts online so they would be delivered right to my door. And I've made a list of crafty works in progress and tried to focus on finishing some of them up. Since Christmas break ended, or actually didn't really end thanks to snow days, I've finished up three.


Knitted Christmas Presents

Alright- the last of the homemade Christmas presents. But, the ones I spent the most time on. Socks! I know, socks sound like the most boring kid Christmas present ever. But all three of these kids have been begging for me to knit them socks since I went a little sockcrazy this summer. Literally, begging for handmade socks. So, I ordered some fantastic yarn (KnitPicks Felici) and started knitting. Each pair only took a skein- well, with the help of some contrast heels and toes on Anna's. I finished Sam's pair early in October, Ellery's in mid-December, and Anna's late on December 23rd. They ripped into them Christmas morning, squealed in delight and immediately put them off. I don't think they left their feet for the next three days or so.

I am very pleased with how they turned out. Especially since I couldn't have them try them on during the entire knitting process.

 As usual, all the details can be found on Ravelry.

 Let me tell you- it is not easy taking…

Quilty Christmas Presents

Another day- another blog post about finished crafties I no longer have to keep secret. 
For Christmas, my mom requested pot holders. I went a little fruity with it. 

An apple-

A pineapple-

A strawberry-

An orange-

All the potholders are variations of this tutorial- Patchwork Pineapple Mini Quilt. Just like Anna's Strawberry Pillow. But made at half the size. A quilt full of strawberries or pineapples is still on my to-do list. 
My dad got a quilt for Christmas this year. Hopefully its just the right size for falling asleep under on the couch while watching TV. 

It was inspired by these quilts I made to donate to the Children's Hospital. My dad seemed to really like them, so I made him a wacky, bright star quilt of his own.

I'm undecided as to whether the octopus and fish block or the bear block is my favorite. Probably the octopus. No the bear. No the octopus. While I was making it, I referred to it as the Hungry Octopus quilt (all those fish- just out of reach). I ha…