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In a Mood

I'm in a mood. A finish ALL the things mood. I think it has something to do with finding out the owner of the house we rent has decided not to sell it right now. There's such a relief and joy from not being forced to move. And, it might have something to do with losing my crafty room for the sake of a home office for my now working from home husband. Suddenly there is so much less room for storing in process projects. No WIP is safe. I want to finish them all. Now.

That's not quite practical. There's still laundry and grocery shopping and I have a lot of WIPs. But, I've made a list in order of effort required to finish and I'm attacking them one by one.

First up, was the pillow project my kids convinced me to let them start over Spring Break.

I had no crafty projects planned for this Spring Break. They had other ideas. So far, Ellery's taught herself the basics of embroidery from a book and they're all three working on patchwork pillows. A post shared b…